Saturday, April 29, 2006

Little Help?

Ok- if anyone knows why the picture of myself I finally managed to add to my profile hasn't/refuses to appear in my profile box on the blog and knows how to fix this situation I would appreciate the guidance.

And with that out of the way today I bought a cool England T-Shirt in preparation for my return to Oz, I wanted an Oxford Uni shirt but I wanted this style I saw with cool old school writing on it and the university crest which they did not have except in the small size of what I'm pretty sure was actually a girls shirt (at least that would explain the funny look I got from the sales assistant when I tried it on) So i settled for the almost as good England shirt, it had old school writing and a Lion!!

Turns out I was not the only person to venture into Oxford today (dumb statement really considering there were several hundred other people in the Corn Market alone) Sozza was there too, and better yet, she bought 6 mini super-soakers for our next day trip for 2.99ea!! Now although I will be in Oz for the next day trip I did enjoy testing them out... and that's how I ended up dancing on Timbo's car with Mousey and Sozza and Polly (Mousey's girlfriend) this afternoon.
Confused?? Allow me to fill in the gaps!! Sozza and I were meeting to work out the details of the day trip -on next Saturday if you happen to live in England and are aged between 11 and 18- before I go to Oz... coz I'm super organised and all that... comments to yourselves thankyou... and Sozza had bought the super-soakers with her to show me, logically I decide they needed to be tested and that Mousey was the perfect test subject- when looking for a test subject in a similar situation look for the following qualities; smaller than yourself, gullible, and with a tendancy to Flight as opposed to Fight.

Anyway, I filled up the soaker and as I walked out of the house called upstairs to Mousey, "Hey James! Come dance on Timbo's car with me!" (Timbo is in Germany and lent me his Mitsubishi Lancer for the week, sounds good yeah? Now picture a half decent car that has not been washed in the 6or7 months since Tim bought it, has a dodgy gearbox that is worth 3 times the price of the car to fix and ever since we worked out three weeks ago that the MOT runs out on Sunday and is not worth replacing so the car is going to the scrap heap; has been kicked, jumped on, danced on, engraved with all of our names and used as an accessory to Free-Running... that's Tims car)
We locked the keys in it by accident at Brill Hill a couple of weeks ago, ok
I locked the keys in it, and so we spent an hour or so dancing on the roof of it while we waited for the spare key to be brought out to us, which sparked an interesting conversation with some drunk lads which had an even more interesting end, but also went down into the famous stories category with all the youth at Mosaic, Mousey included in this, and they have wanted to dance on Tims car ever since...

So I run out to the road and hide behind a wall. Mousey comes running round the corner with an expression of something close to joy on his face which is quickly replaced by shocked horror as he see's the water pistol in my hands and tries to yell for help as I fire off a pressurised blast of water into his open mouth!! Instead of turning around and running back into the safety of the house where I am unable to continue to drench him, Mousey keeps running down the street!! Hardly able to believe my good fortune I set of in hot pursuit continuing to wet him as I run. Halfay down the street he realises I can run faster than him (probably due more to the basketball tournament he played in this morning this morning rather than my fitness) and tries dodging back past me and heading for home. Having anticipated this move I am close behind him, helped by his decline in stamina. As we reach the car he gives up and I empty the rest of the soaker on Polly who has come outside to watch me adminster James' beating. Now, while James is more inclined to the Flight option, Polly has bigger muscles than he does and is more disposed to the Fight option as it turns out...

Deciding James has earned it I tell him to dance on the car and Polly, Sozza and I joined him... Rob came outside once he realised what was happening looking distracted and muttering something about the nieghbours before removing Polly and James from the car with an exasperated grin, I think he secretly wanted to join in. Anyway, I took off for the evening and when I got back to the Manor I finished watching Catch Me if you Can with Rob and Barbara. At the end of the film Rob turns to me (grinning) and says,
"I paid our nieghbour a visit this evening... he's the head of neighbourhood watch"
Me- "The neighbour whose house the car was parked in front of?"
Rob-(laughing now) "That's the one. He was a little concerned that some kids were wrecking someones car"
Me-(laughing too by this point) "Did you tell him it was just the Youth Worker?"
Rob- "Yep"
Barbara walked off shaking her head in dismay.

Good Fun


Ok, there's plenty more to come but we'll make this the last for today. This is Maria and her Volvo who we named Moses because he parts the traffic. We have a series of photo's of Maria's parking. They come through quite as funny in the photo's but it's still great, I'll post a collage once I get my hands on all of them.
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The Sword at Last!!

That's right; it's me, with a sword!! I was in the newspaper over here with it too, fighting riot police in Oxford, No! Not really... but I was in the paper with a sword...
Ohhhh Yeaahhh!!!
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Cpn Justice

Guybo put thes photo's on Flickr, I pointed out to him later that in the first one he is giving the Justice salute while two girls (who, due to the distance of the shot, appear to be swimming naked in the gorge) in the next photo Guybo is jumping off the cliff into the gorge, to rescue them perhaps?
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Around the Gorge

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Heather from 7m

Another one of my Candian friends Heather has a definite sense of fear which she overcame Valiantly!!
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The Cana-Dian!!

This is Brandon. Brandon is from Canadia. Brandon has no discernable sense of fear.
I did a similar dive to this one (no photo's though, sorry) and it was one of my best ones. This was kind of mid-range coolness for Brandon, he also does this really awesome running backflip off here that he calls the
I did a talk at a youth group over here about "God's Big Adventure" and showed some photo's of us cliff diving. See the kids on the log in the bottom right? I told them some Aussie kids had decided to take on a croc... afterwards one of the leaders asked me if the kids were ok... I told him I'd had to jump in and give 'em a hand but we only lost one in the end...
I love being an Ausssie!!
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Friday, April 28, 2006

Cliff Diving, Swords and other buisness...

I think I finally worked out how to do this from Picassa!! That should save me some fiddling!
Ok; as promised sometime last century I have some cliff diving photo's!! And I've been playing with the effects in Picassa so some of them look... well... I like 'em anyway :)

This is the Launceston Gorge, great place, home to several seals, a couple of crocs and a feral kid or two... also has some of the best cliff diving in Tazi!! That rock the kids are sitting on, the bit that juts out like a triangle, it's about 4metres up, it's the little one ;)
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This random question was thrown up while i was updating my profile but apparently you can only use 150 characters to answer which was simply not enough, so I thought I'd post it for your amusement;

If you drive on a parkway why don't they make the whole plane out of that?

A park-what? now this depends on what kind of plane your talking about really doesn't it? Now there's two schools of thought on that one; first is all planes are made out of jelly, the second depends on which plane of existence you tend to spend most of your time and the third is irrelevant unless you're Swiss jah...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Last Happy Thursday in April

Happy Thursday!!

OK so the news from the posse is that three of us are going to Oz for a month!! Got some classes in the Po and then some holliday time in Busso and then Queensland!! So far the organisation of said trip is going amazing well (wink wink, nudge nudge) at the present moment I have;
-A flight from the UK to Melbourne via Vienna and Singapore
-No flight from Melbourne to Tasmania (my destination) and there is this rather large span of water between Victoria and Taz which makes walking and driving a little difficult
-A flight from Taz to Perth on the 19th, my classes were supposedly until the 18th but it was revealed today that they only go to the 12th, BUT there are workshops for our assignments between the 12th and the 18th which should be very helpful
-Three tickets from Perth to Brisbane all on the same flight giving me an entire row to myself on which to sleep in first class luxury... I would like to thank my younger brother Jordan for playing a key role in the communications break down that lead to this beautiful situation where my Father, my Grand-father, and my Nan all booked me a seat on the same flight
-No return flight to the UK from Queensland as our travel agent seems to have vanished from the face of the earth... O well, if you've gotta be stuck somewhere; Queenslands a pretty good choice!!
Congratulations to all participants in the construction of my itinerary to date, I look forward to many more well thought out adventures in the future!!

TOM (father-person previously mentioned as one of the axis of travel agent extraordinares) went to Uluru on a Pilgrimage with the Oz side of my work crew- that does sound a little strange looking at it but it's basically just a road trip -and seemed to have a great time... Getting him along to Uluru or Foundations was one of the many schemes Andy and I cooked up last time we were both in the Po, came off a treat! He even enjoyed it!! Whilst out at the rock he also met Holli and Julia (for certain) and I hope Cpn Justice and the Darling too (these two soon to be confirmed) all from the Po at the moment although, with the exception of the Darling, they all originate in the U of K... in the middle of the Australian dessert- check spelling Bad Grammar Man, always get confused on that one -random, random, random...

I am finding the Manor a splendid place of residence -BGM, not that I care, but I'm sure that one will get spell checked too- and the family presently serving as my staff, uh... I mean, um... hosts, what now?! A unicorn!! Look!! Ohh... you missed him... as I was saying about the trees in Siberia's wastelands; I watched a movie with Rach(nickname coming soon) called The Constant Gardener the other night. Now as we had hired the movie and got to the day on which it must be returned, lest we incur a fine with the global corporation that is Blockbuster Video, we decided to watch said movie in the Manors Conservatory room whilst the staff, crap! hosts had dinner in the dining room.
Now the conservatory, consisting mainly of glass as the purpose of the room is to allow as much weak English sunlight as possible into your otherwise grim and gloomy English home, is right next to the Dining Room and the hosts could see right in. This did not seem to be too major a problem until three minutes into the movie. It appeared the producers had put a rotten great big sex scene right at the start of the movie. As I searched desperately for the remote control I heard a laugh from James, hereby known as Mousey, from the dining room which preceeded a gasp from his mother and a protest from his sister as Rob covered her eyes. Still frantically trying to find the remote, point it in the right direction and fast forward I managed to put the screen and it's unfortunate contents into slow motion as I hear the sliding door start to open behind me!! Finally, red faced,(not quite as red faced as Rachel), I manage to find the right button and zoom through the rest of the scene as Rob takes an evil pleasure in jokingly berrating me for "trying to corrupt his children" as well as disturbing his dinner and ruining Barbra's appetite... hanging our heads in shame Rachel and I go back to the rest of what was actually quite a good film...
*Note: Poetic licence used to good effect

In other news, Jordans Blog has become one worthy of note and attention, I am seriously considering paying him to take over management and evelopment of mine some time soon. Take a look here and be aware that he has music that will come on if you have speakers, not good if it's 11:30 at nite and Mousey was the last person on the computer that day who played his music so that he could hear it from Lukes place down the street...

Have discovered several new resources recently, one great one to do with digital photo's but I think it only works in the UK, you upload them to a web site where you can view/store them and then they can print you copies for 10pence each and send them to your home!! I intend to start using this very soon... unfortunately my digital camera, or more accurately the digital camera on what I assumed, and am really kinda hoping, was permanent loan from TOM, appears to have stopped working for some reason... never take your camera to Wales eh... it might be fixable... I'm kind of afraid to find out...

That's all for this week folks!! Ciao!! Karibu!!(Swahili, actually means "welcome" but o well) Dioh!!(Welsh for Thankyou) Bless!!(pommie phrase used mainly by girls and big girls blouses, i use it mainly with large doses of sarcasm or cheek and the best response I got was from Holli- "Don't Bless ME Zachariah Holt!!")

Home work for you all- "KitchWah Karmah Mmmmboozi" is Swahili for what?? You have until next week...

Don't thank me; Thank the moons gravitational pull!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Thursday!!!

A brief Happy Thursday in the Posse House, that is to say a brief word the day itself was rather long... this week!

Atari Man and family, may just call them the Atari's as a corporate group from now on, returned from holliday in Spain and exotic Eastbourne to relieve us from the "leadership skills" of Timbo last nite... who would have thought we could get so off track in just 10 days? o well... No! Just kidding! Timbo is a great leader and it's very entertaining working with a leader who intiates banter! Try it some time.

I scored the winning goal at soccer last nite!!!!!!! I think I got three goals all up but seeing as the score was 14-13 that's not quite as impressive as it sounds. Was a great game, for te first time in weeks there were less than 20 guys there, in fact, there were only 8 which made for a brilliant show of skill and team work as we were actually able to get into the game properly!!!

Oz trip is planned for the end of this month and most of May! This has two sides, its kind of annoying coz im away from work for a month again for the second time this year, but i do (hopefully) get a holliday in WA and get to see my family as a whole for the first time in almost a year! Makes it all worth it.. other points of interest are that I will also be in Taz for Levi's 21st- WHOO-HOO!!!! and Timbo is thinking about buying a gumpy, (very cool mountain chalet houses, 2 storey, veranda, great view etc)

Jo has named her new washing machine "zack" because I am away and she misses me... I have this great picture of Jo sitting in the laundry talking to the washing machine in an effort to replace me... i think i am the first person i know with a washing machine named after them, kinda cool

Cliff diving pictures are still being delivered (other people ios being slow in the giving me the stupid pictures process) so i am still waiting for some essential material before i let you see the craziness, am also going to use the material for a talk on "don't christians lead a boring life style?" I'm hoping that cliff diving has not slipped into the boring category for todays youth, I'm still doing it if it has, but it may undermine the effect of the talk.

Thats it for this thursday! Bless!