Friday, February 09, 2007

The David Pountney Letters

The David Pountney letters are a series of letters from David Pountney, the great man, to all his fans (largely of the female variety). I felt that both the readers of this blog should be included in the genius entertainment provided by the great man himself (due credit to his personal secretary for his assistance in this process)

The first of the David Pountney Letters

To My Most Lovely Ladies,

I would like to let you know that I had a good day. Here is how it went:
7:30 I woke up with a smile
7.35 I arised and powered out some press ups (my pecs are coming on, I'm
telling you)
7.40 Breakfast Time! (Good ol' shreddies, keep the heart pumping away)
8.00 Did my teeth
8.05 Chauffeur (Criscab) took his royalty to school.
8.30 Guard of honour (a.k.a screaming girls) welcome me to school
*lots of other stuff happens*
4.00 Come home from school after a long day with the paparazzi, particular
watching me playing house football with the vest on!
4.30 Went to gym. More chest work. (These pecs are really coming on, I'm
telling you)
7.30 Ian comes round. Mischief begins!!! Plenty of awesome dance moves are
learned for Heather's party. DO NOT MISS OUT.
7.45 Transcribe email for Ian (secretary) to write to Fan Club.

LOVE YOU LADIES!!! Keep up the support - rewards for most loyal fan will be
handed out each week!!!

The Pountenator!

P.S. Look forward to tomorrow morning's edition - "The Pountenator takes a


Marcus said...

Who is David Pountney?
Never heard of him.
But I agree, he's funny.

PS Thanks for the acknowledgement!
I'm sure Grandpa appreciates it too.

Peter said...

Hi there, I’ve been relying on using Bloglines to do my daily rounds of the blogroll for a while now, it’s a very time saving method but it feels a bit impersonal at times, so it’s a hot Saturday, I’m gonna sit here and visit with everyone, It won’t feel any different to you but know that I chose to visit today instead of just answering an electronic reminder.
Have a good day.

Jacqui said...

Hi Zac,
do you know where they do that "slingshot-bungy" activity, is it in the UK, and do you know how much it costs?.
I'll look back here for an answer, or you could email me,
love nan.

Zaac said...

hey nan, i couldnt find your email but ill leave a comment on your blog (are you still using it?? it hasnt changed since last year) im fairly sure that the slingshot is in america somewhere based on the accents in the video. it would almost certainly be deemed illegal in the uk as they have a strong afinity with health and safety and that definitely runs at a high risk. if youre keen to find it click through to youtube and leave a comment for the video poster to see where they took it and how much it would cost, may do some research myself...