Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Singapore Airport

Ok, without even bothering to make a long story short; I'm in Singapore. If you don't know what's going on, why etc.. don't worry, you'll either pick it up as we go along or you'll be left like 3 day old fried egg-plant at the beef farmers conference buffet.
I flew out of Brisbane on Singapore Airlines precisely 12 hours ago and bizarley have not slept a wink in that time (which is either going to make for a hell-ish 17hr second leg to this trip or a very peaceful 17hr slumber) now this is odd for two reasons; 1st, since arriving in Queensland on Saturday morning, right up until two hours prior to departure, I have been absolutely KNACKERED!! More so than usual even, including the loss of an entire Saturday to sleep!! And yet, I get on a 6hr flight and am awake for the entire trip which is made stranger by the 2nd reason- I had a whole row to myself!! All that space, all that time, and no sleep... having said that I am getting head spins for the past 5mins as I type this which may have somethng to do with the lack of sleep or possibly are the result of my recent step towards old age (refer to non-existent birthday blog post from the 29th May... ok, who scrolled down going "what post?!" come on... be honest...) so I'm, 19 and either the ground in Singapore is a loty less stable than anywhere else or I am distinnctly dizzy right now...
6hrs in Singapore has yielded a few entertaining and unexpected ventures in the first 3hrs; so far there has been the case of the Coy Koi (will post full story with photo's on return to england and stable ground), the Sky Train Race and the Missing Jumper... all of this and more in the next exciting episode!! (the toilet is calling my name right at the minute)
I'm Zacharias Trouble Holt!!