Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Thursday!!!

A brief Happy Thursday in the Posse House, that is to say a brief word the day itself was rather long... this week!

Atari Man and family, may just call them the Atari's as a corporate group from now on, returned from holliday in Spain and exotic Eastbourne to relieve us from the "leadership skills" of Timbo last nite... who would have thought we could get so off track in just 10 days? o well... No! Just kidding! Timbo is a great leader and it's very entertaining working with a leader who intiates banter! Try it some time.

I scored the winning goal at soccer last nite!!!!!!! I think I got three goals all up but seeing as the score was 14-13 that's not quite as impressive as it sounds. Was a great game, for te first time in weeks there were less than 20 guys there, in fact, there were only 8 which made for a brilliant show of skill and team work as we were actually able to get into the game properly!!!

Oz trip is planned for the end of this month and most of May! This has two sides, its kind of annoying coz im away from work for a month again for the second time this year, but i do (hopefully) get a holliday in WA and get to see my family as a whole for the first time in almost a year! Makes it all worth it.. other points of interest are that I will also be in Taz for Levi's 21st- WHOO-HOO!!!! and Timbo is thinking about buying a gumpy, (very cool mountain chalet houses, 2 storey, veranda, great view etc)

Jo has named her new washing machine "zack" because I am away and she misses me... I have this great picture of Jo sitting in the laundry talking to the washing machine in an effort to replace me... i think i am the first person i know with a washing machine named after them, kinda cool

Cliff diving pictures are still being delivered (other people ios being slow in the giving me the stupid pictures process) so i am still waiting for some essential material before i let you see the craziness, am also going to use the material for a talk on "don't christians lead a boring life style?" I'm hoping that cliff diving has not slipped into the boring category for todays youth, I'm still doing it if it has, but it may undermine the effect of the talk.

Thats it for this thursday! Bless!


Peter said...

Well said Zac, even if you don't post often they are interesting when you do.
aka GP

Carolyn said...

Soccer sounds like fun.I'm wondering about the symbolism of having a washing machine named after you ???

Ludicrousity said...

So you're copmign back to OZ again hey? Nice! Timbo is going to BUY a gumpy?! Wow! Big news! They are very nice, I must say, but most of them are super tiny! Does Timbo have a blog that I havent' stumbled across?

Jacqui said...

Great to read your blog Zac, will be super having you in the west, and being able to catch up with you.luv nana

Rypen Blog said...

No doubt that washing machine has a strong agitator!!

The Heir said...

Hey Nan! Yeah, haven't been back for ages, looking forward to it heaps! Nah, Timbo is "above" blogging Megan, and the new Gumpy's are huge compared to the old ones! Got an extended lounge and a massive deck space, they're great! ... and if anyone cares to explain the comment from the anonymous Rypenian... I'm lost...

Peter said...

I think you could put that comment in the "spam" folder Zac.
What's a Gumpy?
Try for that Qld. leg on the trip home, would be great to see you.

Jacqui said...

Thanks for the visit Zac, you must have heaps to do and I really appreciateed it.

You've come a long way, and I dont just mean miles, since I watched you disappear through the departute gate at Perth airport.

It makes me very proud to be your nan.

Scott Darlow said...

Where did you hear about us? Have we met? Coming to the UK soon... Would love u to email me a contact email address...

Bless ya

Scott Darlow said...

Just figured it out... BUSSO!!!!!!
Go CATS!!! Lets talk!

The Heir said...

Scotty!! That's awesome man!! Will send you an email soon as I get a minute... would love to meet up over here!! Was on your site a couple of days ago but today it's telling me that the domain expired?! Anyway... talk soon!!

Marcus said...

g'day Zac
Dad here, we're at Nan and Walter's for Easter. There's something I need to talk to you about, or ask anyway, when will you be back in Australia and when will you be available for a trip to WA? I need to know dates. There are some cheap fares on Virgin at the moment but we'd have to act quickly.
Why don't you ask Grandpa if he'll shout you a trip to Qld? He's a very generous man.

The Rypen Blog comment comes from me and it's not that cryptic, you said you'd had a washing machine named after you, washing machines have an agitator, you can work out the rest.
SPAM! Hmph!

So, call, me, text me, email me, blog me, just get back to me.

I leave for Uluru on Monday morning, 21 kids and 11 adults, taking two kids from Busso.

I tried to buy you a ticket to a Spurs game before the end of the season but all their games are sold out!

Take care
Love Dad

Peter said...

Hi Zac, now you have my aging mind in a spin, short answer is yes! to the trip, now comes the harder part;
Auntie Vickie is coming up for my birthday arriving 26th 10.30 am and leaving on 30th 7.30 pm.

Can you get here on either 26th or 27th am, or on the 29th pm, or 30th am what I’m trying to do is not waste the time that Vicki is here in traveling to and from the airport but still have you see A V too, try very hard to avoid arriving at Brisbane before 10 am.

As it’s a 2 hour trip each way, I figure we could stay in Brisbane overnight on either 26th or 29th if that’s when you were arriving we can worry about when you’re leaving if it’s after the 30th later.

Now I know what I meant by all that, if you don’t, get back to me or study it harder, get back to me anyway!! hope we can put it all together.

love GP

Peter said...

Well Zac, it's underway the attachment is confirmation of your flight to Brisbane.
We all have an early start, you at Perth sometime before midnight and us at the airport in the wee small hours, I guess we will all survive.
Auntie Vicki is leaving on Tuesday 30th, so it would be best if you can fly out that day? NOT before
10 am though.
Keep in touch as required, (and desired.)
aka GP

Peter said...

Oops, how do you do attachments to comments???

Send me an email address.

Its flight DJ64Departs Perth terminal
at 2320 hrs 26th May

Arrives Brisbane 0550 hrs 27th May


Jordan said...

erm . . . i dont get the question. aha ha ha, rypen, spam, funny . . . id be happy to do any matinance or upgrades or else that you require for your blog, i aam yours to command. a willing favour for a knowledgable friend ;)
but yeh, itd be handy if you could reword that link thing you commented about on my site. neways, your a brilliant writer, just not a consistent one. itl be good seeing you in may