Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Cana-Dian!!

This is Brandon. Brandon is from Canadia. Brandon has no discernable sense of fear.
I did a similar dive to this one (no photo's though, sorry) and it was one of my best ones. This was kind of mid-range coolness for Brandon, he also does this really awesome running backflip off here that he calls the
I did a talk at a youth group over here about "God's Big Adventure" and showed some photo's of us cliff diving. See the kids on the log in the bottom right? I told them some Aussie kids had decided to take on a croc... afterwards one of the leaders asked me if the kids were ok... I told him I'd had to jump in and give 'em a hand but we only lost one in the end...
I love being an Ausssie!!
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