Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Two birthdays are in need of a mention. First is my Uncle Alan who turned 50 Yesterday, his surprise party was on Saturday night. The second is my brother Jordan turned 16 on the 19th. I wasn't back in time for his birthday, which was a bit of a shame as it turned out I could have been but when I was booking my ticket home it looked like I was going to be in Germany.
Jordy is a great kid. One of the most energetic (excepting only my youngest brother Paul) and entertaining people you may ever meet. Since he was two he has been running around like a little monkey and climbs like one too. At the age of four he could climb up the cricket nets at the local park faster than I could! I don't think Jordan wore clothes before the age of five but he seemed to get away with it, mainly because I don't think Mum and Dad could catch him to make him put some on, and if they did he put up one heck of a fight!
He has always been remarkably strong and had muscle definition from the age of three, not that I'm jealous, and the only thing stronger than his muscles is his will. I once watched Mother force feed him a banana, Jordan, aged two, has never eaten fruit but this time he wasn't given a choice. Once the banana was in his mouth the stalemate began, he wouldn't swallow and Mother wouldn't let him spit it out. So he spent twenty minutes slowly turning the banana into liquid mush and then dribbled it back out! Mum never made him eat fruit again.
His iron will sometimes makes him the most infuriating people in the entire world, but somehow this becomes an endearing trait in hindsight. It will probably make him immensely successful in whatever he chooses to do in life as he is so stubborn and determined that he will succeed either by persisting until he gets what he wants or everyone else despairs and simply gives it to him! He ha a few of the more interesting character traits common to teenagers, which make him not the simplest person to ever live with, but he is far from the most difficult case in the family let alone wider society and if myself and his sister are anything to go by he should grow out of these traits over the next few years... just in time for his little brother to grow into them and drive our parents mad all over again!
Love you Jordy, have an awesome year!

Jordan and Uncle Alan a few years back. Cute kid.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Happy birthday Jordy. I'm in Cambridge on a mates computer so you're proper message will have to wait til I get back from Scotland but I hope you had a sweet sixteenth! Love you lots bro!