Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Last Happy Thursday in April

Happy Thursday!!

OK so the news from the posse is that three of us are going to Oz for a month!! Got some classes in the Po and then some holliday time in Busso and then Queensland!! So far the organisation of said trip is going amazing well (wink wink, nudge nudge) at the present moment I have;
-A flight from the UK to Melbourne via Vienna and Singapore
-No flight from Melbourne to Tasmania (my destination) and there is this rather large span of water between Victoria and Taz which makes walking and driving a little difficult
-A flight from Taz to Perth on the 19th, my classes were supposedly until the 18th but it was revealed today that they only go to the 12th, BUT there are workshops for our assignments between the 12th and the 18th which should be very helpful
-Three tickets from Perth to Brisbane all on the same flight giving me an entire row to myself on which to sleep in first class luxury... I would like to thank my younger brother Jordan for playing a key role in the communications break down that lead to this beautiful situation where my Father, my Grand-father, and my Nan all booked me a seat on the same flight
-No return flight to the UK from Queensland as our travel agent seems to have vanished from the face of the earth... O well, if you've gotta be stuck somewhere; Queenslands a pretty good choice!!
Congratulations to all participants in the construction of my itinerary to date, I look forward to many more well thought out adventures in the future!!

TOM (father-person previously mentioned as one of the axis of travel agent extraordinares) went to Uluru on a Pilgrimage with the Oz side of my work crew- that does sound a little strange looking at it but it's basically just a road trip -and seemed to have a great time... Getting him along to Uluru or Foundations was one of the many schemes Andy and I cooked up last time we were both in the Po, came off a treat! He even enjoyed it!! Whilst out at the rock he also met Holli and Julia (for certain) and I hope Cpn Justice and the Darling too (these two soon to be confirmed) all from the Po at the moment although, with the exception of the Darling, they all originate in the U of K... in the middle of the Australian dessert- check spelling Bad Grammar Man, always get confused on that one -random, random, random...

I am finding the Manor a splendid place of residence -BGM, not that I care, but I'm sure that one will get spell checked too- and the family presently serving as my staff, uh... I mean, um... hosts, what now?! A unicorn!! Look!! Ohh... you missed him... as I was saying about the trees in Siberia's wastelands; I watched a movie with Rach(nickname coming soon) called The Constant Gardener the other night. Now as we had hired the movie and got to the day on which it must be returned, lest we incur a fine with the global corporation that is Blockbuster Video, we decided to watch said movie in the Manors Conservatory room whilst the staff, crap! hosts had dinner in the dining room.
Now the conservatory, consisting mainly of glass as the purpose of the room is to allow as much weak English sunlight as possible into your otherwise grim and gloomy English home, is right next to the Dining Room and the hosts could see right in. This did not seem to be too major a problem until three minutes into the movie. It appeared the producers had put a rotten great big sex scene right at the start of the movie. As I searched desperately for the remote control I heard a laugh from James, hereby known as Mousey, from the dining room which preceeded a gasp from his mother and a protest from his sister as Rob covered her eyes. Still frantically trying to find the remote, point it in the right direction and fast forward I managed to put the screen and it's unfortunate contents into slow motion as I hear the sliding door start to open behind me!! Finally, red faced,(not quite as red faced as Rachel), I manage to find the right button and zoom through the rest of the scene as Rob takes an evil pleasure in jokingly berrating me for "trying to corrupt his children" as well as disturbing his dinner and ruining Barbra's appetite... hanging our heads in shame Rachel and I go back to the rest of what was actually quite a good film...
*Note: Poetic licence used to good effect

In other news, Jordans Blog has become one worthy of note and attention, I am seriously considering paying him to take over management and evelopment of mine some time soon. Take a look here and be aware that he has music that will come on if you have speakers, not good if it's 11:30 at nite and Mousey was the last person on the computer that day who played his music so that he could hear it from Lukes place down the street...

Have discovered several new resources recently, one great one to do with digital photo's but I think it only works in the UK, you upload them to a web site where you can view/store them and then they can print you copies for 10pence each and send them to your home!! I intend to start using this very soon... unfortunately my digital camera, or more accurately the digital camera on what I assumed, and am really kinda hoping, was permanent loan from TOM, appears to have stopped working for some reason... never take your camera to Wales eh... it might be fixable... I'm kind of afraid to find out...

That's all for this week folks!! Ciao!! Karibu!!(Swahili, actually means "welcome" but o well) Dioh!!(Welsh for Thankyou) Bless!!(pommie phrase used mainly by girls and big girls blouses, i use it mainly with large doses of sarcasm or cheek and the best response I got was from Holli- "Don't Bless ME Zachariah Holt!!")

Home work for you all- "KitchWah Karmah Mmmmboozi" is Swahili for what?? You have until next week...

Don't thank me; Thank the moons gravitational pull!!


Marcus said...


That was a great post Zac, your best so far I reckon.

Especially liked visualising your frantic squirming battle with the remote control.

It appears I over-estimated the size of the over-booking fiasco so you'll just have to make do with 2 seats on the plane to Qld, the other ticket I booked, on the Monday morning we were leaving for the Rock was the Tassie-WA trip. That's of some relief. Just got one excess to needs fare to deal with now.

Can't be long till you leave, when will the return to UK flight be sorted out?

Make sure you bring the camera and charger with you so we can check it out.
Nice to see the famous cliff diving photos.

I did indeed meet Captain Justice, who is very fair, pale and weedy to be a super-hero. Does seem like a nice bloke though.

Alas, did not meet the girl with the washing machine.
Did meet a girl called Adele who I took a wild, and as it turned out, incorrect, guess was Holli.

wv iimypsp

Jordan said...

aha ha no, it wasnt MY fault, if you wanted tickets you should have called someone with management skills, not instant messaged me from half a world away. thank you for the blog advertisement, it helps. the mouse sounds cool, gotta meet him and all your ukian buddies some time. cant wait for you to come down, and im very sorry that you have three tickets instead of one. just imagine all the jokes you can crack. oh, and sure, ill be happy to take over your blogs 'evelopement', but itl take some time for me to knit you a digitalized sweater, when do you want it, winter here, or winter there?

must remember to lookout for that gardener movie