Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Cool School Race Camp

TOM is a rather creative old bloke. Amongst his creations is the Cool School Race Camp, possibly his greatest creation to date. The camp is a year eleven leadership camp that draws students from more than five schools around Western Australia.
Some wisdom and clues for this years campers: There are a bunch of new photo's this year, TOM seems to have scoured the state for interesting things to confund you with. I don't know the location of all the photo's but if you find one have a bit of a wander around the area/suburb it's in and you might just find a few more. Talk to everybody!!! People love to get involved and they love to help, you'll be spending a fair bit of time on public transport, take up some conversations with people on trains, they often know more than you'd think.

Check out TOM's old stomping ground, there are a few to be found near this one. The only question is, which of his stomping grounds is this?

This statue may or may not be there when you go looking for him, he tends to move a bit. Confused? You won't be when you meet him, he likes to hang out around Freo. Again a thorough search of the area might be worth some points to you.

A source of great amusement last year was the addition of outlying locations worth A LOT of points.(Ask Mr Hacket about the fun his group had with that one). My advice, plan it out, use your time wisely and go for three or four major photo's if you're gona make it worthwhile.

My final tips; TOM takes great pleasure in hiding valuable bits of information right in front of your noses. Take a VERY careful look at EVERYTHING you are given and don't dissmiss ANY possible source of help. Lastly, everything is for sale, it just depends on what it's worth to you.

Good luck and enjoy!


The Mind Behind the Cool School Race Camp said...

Top work ZAC YOU'VE DONE A GREAT LITTLE SELL AND HINT JOB HERE (oops, hit caps lock by mistake there!)

You should have seen the plane towing the banner with the clue, very cool.

Keep an eye on the blog, I'm going to try and post as we go.


The Heir said...

I saw the plane and thought it was the one we used to drive past years ago but wasn't sure.
We'll see how many get this far, I don't think any of them quite realise how vast your labrynth of clues and tricks is.
Makes me wish I could go as a camper again!

Anonymous said...

I am onto you Holt famiy, and i am going to use this knowledge and win this race haha.
Sofi Potts - Carine High

The Heir said...

Man are you digging!! far out, you must have tralled through my archives to find this one, its the clue to last years race!!
hahahahaha you're onto us?!? i dont think you have any concepted of the degree to which the mind you are dealing with is warped, and you're about to enter his reality!! enjoy the camp, o digger...