Saturday, April 29, 2006

Little Help?

Ok- if anyone knows why the picture of myself I finally managed to add to my profile hasn't/refuses to appear in my profile box on the blog and knows how to fix this situation I would appreciate the guidance.

And with that out of the way today I bought a cool England T-Shirt in preparation for my return to Oz, I wanted an Oxford Uni shirt but I wanted this style I saw with cool old school writing on it and the university crest which they did not have except in the small size of what I'm pretty sure was actually a girls shirt (at least that would explain the funny look I got from the sales assistant when I tried it on) So i settled for the almost as good England shirt, it had old school writing and a Lion!!

Turns out I was not the only person to venture into Oxford today (dumb statement really considering there were several hundred other people in the Corn Market alone) Sozza was there too, and better yet, she bought 6 mini super-soakers for our next day trip for 2.99ea!! Now although I will be in Oz for the next day trip I did enjoy testing them out... and that's how I ended up dancing on Timbo's car with Mousey and Sozza and Polly (Mousey's girlfriend) this afternoon.
Confused?? Allow me to fill in the gaps!! Sozza and I were meeting to work out the details of the day trip -on next Saturday if you happen to live in England and are aged between 11 and 18- before I go to Oz... coz I'm super organised and all that... comments to yourselves thankyou... and Sozza had bought the super-soakers with her to show me, logically I decide they needed to be tested and that Mousey was the perfect test subject- when looking for a test subject in a similar situation look for the following qualities; smaller than yourself, gullible, and with a tendancy to Flight as opposed to Fight.

Anyway, I filled up the soaker and as I walked out of the house called upstairs to Mousey, "Hey James! Come dance on Timbo's car with me!" (Timbo is in Germany and lent me his Mitsubishi Lancer for the week, sounds good yeah? Now picture a half decent car that has not been washed in the 6or7 months since Tim bought it, has a dodgy gearbox that is worth 3 times the price of the car to fix and ever since we worked out three weeks ago that the MOT runs out on Sunday and is not worth replacing so the car is going to the scrap heap; has been kicked, jumped on, danced on, engraved with all of our names and used as an accessory to Free-Running... that's Tims car)
We locked the keys in it by accident at Brill Hill a couple of weeks ago, ok
I locked the keys in it, and so we spent an hour or so dancing on the roof of it while we waited for the spare key to be brought out to us, which sparked an interesting conversation with some drunk lads which had an even more interesting end, but also went down into the famous stories category with all the youth at Mosaic, Mousey included in this, and they have wanted to dance on Tims car ever since...

So I run out to the road and hide behind a wall. Mousey comes running round the corner with an expression of something close to joy on his face which is quickly replaced by shocked horror as he see's the water pistol in my hands and tries to yell for help as I fire off a pressurised blast of water into his open mouth!! Instead of turning around and running back into the safety of the house where I am unable to continue to drench him, Mousey keeps running down the street!! Hardly able to believe my good fortune I set of in hot pursuit continuing to wet him as I run. Halfay down the street he realises I can run faster than him (probably due more to the basketball tournament he played in this morning this morning rather than my fitness) and tries dodging back past me and heading for home. Having anticipated this move I am close behind him, helped by his decline in stamina. As we reach the car he gives up and I empty the rest of the soaker on Polly who has come outside to watch me adminster James' beating. Now, while James is more inclined to the Flight option, Polly has bigger muscles than he does and is more disposed to the Fight option as it turns out...

Deciding James has earned it I tell him to dance on the car and Polly, Sozza and I joined him... Rob came outside once he realised what was happening looking distracted and muttering something about the nieghbours before removing Polly and James from the car with an exasperated grin, I think he secretly wanted to join in. Anyway, I took off for the evening and when I got back to the Manor I finished watching Catch Me if you Can with Rob and Barbara. At the end of the film Rob turns to me (grinning) and says,
"I paid our nieghbour a visit this evening... he's the head of neighbourhood watch"
Me- "The neighbour whose house the car was parked in front of?"
Rob-(laughing now) "That's the one. He was a little concerned that some kids were wrecking someones car"
Me-(laughing too by this point) "Did you tell him it was just the Youth Worker?"
Rob- "Yep"
Barbara walked off shaking her head in dismay.

Good Fun


The Heir said...

Go figure it appears as I post a request for help with it!!!

Merle said...

Hi Zac ~~ You have been busy on your blog of late. You seem to be enjoying life. Thanks for the comment on my
blog. I read yours too, but it often doesn't move much. I guess you have more to do than sit and blog.
Enjoy your life Zac and take care.
Cheers, Auntie Merle.

Peter said...

Wow Zac, that was a flurry of posting after your normal weeeeel spaced out efforts.

Marcus said...

Another great story Zac, very well written, must be some good writing DNA in your family tree.

WV etc was the word verification I had to put in, some of them have more appeal than others, or seem appropriate.

SUAA has me stumped at the moment, obviously it was a follow on from Laughing Out Loud and was intended to convey that it was a post worthy of greater accolade than the standard text talk, but right now I can't remember what it stands for. oh oh ! I just remembered, Standing Up And Applauding SUAA! Back you premature Alzheimers bugs, back I say, I'm not done yet!
Are you in OZ yet?
When you get here you urgently need to contact Centrelink regarding your youth allowance. They are very anxious to ascertain your movements in and out of the country. I strongly suggest you do not depart again without letting them know the full details of your movements!! It took me three phone calls to get them to reinstate your payment for this fortnight but then they were cancelling it again pending contact from you.
The ball is in your court.

Craig 'n' Jen said...

hey, i'm in melbourne at the momen and i don't know if you'll get this here or back in England, but if you wan to come look at our house still let me know