Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Justice Chronicles

Cpn Justice (see a previous introductory post) has blessed cyber space with a record of his continuing adventures as he takes on life in the wild heart of Tasmania. Also known as The Po.
The Cpn left England shortly after the new year and will be gone for 6 months (at least... maybe longer...) Life in the Po means 180 degrees of mountain views and another 180 degrees of the valley, pure mountain stream water delivered through every tap and a golf course and pool to boot. On top of all this the Cest, which contains the Gorge (need to think of an appropriately magnificent name for the gorge) in all its glory, is a mere 45 minutes away (28minutes if the Chief's-Chiefs identity is protected for legal reasons-driving) and is also home to Chicken Feed, where you can purchase a decent pair of sunnies for a mere 8bucks -thats about 3 pounds!- and enough out of date sustenance, doesn't really qualify as food, to feed you for a month at the same price it would normally cost you to feed yourself for a week. First month of c4 was awesome!
Anyway, the Cpn's got a bit of a blog happening that's worth looking at click there ---> ***** to take a look...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lost In Transition

The Posse House has been vacated of published activity for about a month now, as I see some have noticed from the comments I have continued to recieve during my absence, and thought I might take the time to explain the season of rest I gave the Posse House.
I arrived back in the UK yesterday morning after 5 weeks in Oz. Part of my studies as a Diploma in Youth and Community Work is placement (my work in the UK) and the other part is 4 intensive study periods (called intensives) which go for about two weeks each and require me to return to Oz, if you havn't ticked to where this is going my last trip to Oz was for my third block of intensives. Now, for various reasons of convenience, most blocks of intensives are timed to match up with big events in Fusion (the guys I work and study with), the January and July blocks are linked in with Foundations, which is a week long course about living with yourself, others and God... the great bit is there's a Youth Foundations! (makes sense really for a bunch of youth workers getting together twice a year to make the course accesible to young people) So I got to Spend a week in January hangining out with an awesome group of teenagers and some very cool youth workers as we did this course!
Two thoughts from this; if you're a youth worker -or you know one- try playing some of the games they use with their youth guys... we played some messy games with the guys who stayed on for intensives and it was the best messy games I'd ever played! The key is that really, the aim of messy games is to get as messy as you can and more importantly- to get everyone else as messy as you can- (my dreads smelled like pavlova for 3 days, now that doesn't sound real bad but pav goes off in about a day and a half in the Oz summer, not so great)
The other thought has escaped me as I wrote the last bit and so will have to wait until it re-enters my sphere of consciousness.
The obvious lack of time and the ridiculus amount of effort required to get on the net in the Po are the reason the PosseHouse has been neglected. To catch you up to date I also had an important decision to make about whether or not to return to the UK, as you've probably realised from earlier comments I did return. There were other options discussed and needs for an upstanding responsible youth worker in other places but once I had reassured everyone that I fulfilled neither pre-requisite they decided I had better come back here for a bit. Appologies must be made at this point to my family who I failed to inform of... well anything for the last few weeks. FearlessLeader recieved an email from TheOldMan the other day demanding proof of life and putting in a request for regular txt messages to my mother to reassure her I'm alive.
So whilst I weighed up my options I spent each weekend in the Cest(Launceston) and more importantly at the Gorge which is the BEST spot in Tazi! Details will follow, it's worthy of several entries in itself, two tantalizing taster words... Cliff Diving! And so I adopted the term Lost In Transition for my state of suspended animation, still re-emerging from that state of existence but stay tuned for the next exciting episode... Bless!