Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Quick Update from London

Very quick update: I'm in London for a couple of days seeing what there is to see and an internet cafe is providing the first access to email and blogs I've had for a while. Christmas was great, went to Evershot in Dorset with the Fearlesses and Kate, an Aussie girl. Sadly Timbo was in Oz before Christmas for his mothers funeral so we didn't get to have Christmas with him despite Dorset being his idea. Will update more of the last couple of weeks once I'm back in the Posse House, until then...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Renovations Underway!

YAH-HOO!!! The renovations are underway! The Posse has a Lounge Room! Check it out here and keep an eye out for links to new rooms on the side-bar soon.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Renovations in the Posse House

It's time to renovate this blog! I've had some ideas playing around in my head for a while now but lacked the time and technical expertise to make them a reality. However I'm making a commitment now to conquer the technical mumbo-jumbo and start making some changes. The thing about ideas being in your head is that they quite often stay there, but once you commit yourself to something, (especially publicly, say on a blog), then you are much more motivated to make it happen. That's the plan anyway... we'll se how it goes!
Keep an eye out for things appearing in the side-bar. Maybe some extra links and a couple of walls nocked over and moved... I'm thinking three stories, Loft, Ground Floor and Basement. Have to figure out how it will all work but its definitely time to step it up a notch!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy Thursday!

Welcome to Happy Thursday No.2! It's quite funny that due to some inactivity in the PosseHouse blogging department the second edition of Happy Thursday, despite being two weeks since the last one, is only one post above the first. This week in the PosseHouse:

There has been a plague of computer troubles beyond my regular ones! I think its a definite possiblity that technology's dislike of me has expanded to include people ascociated with me in any way shape or form. My laptop has been giving me headaches for a while, its latest trick is letting me on the net for five minutes when i turn it on and then booting me off, requiring a restart to gain another five minutes before being booted off again.

The weekend was absolutely MASSIVE at the PosseHouse! Friday night saw a fundraiser for Holli and Julia, two English girls going to Oz to do Cert4 in Youth and Community Work (the course that I did) It was a great night, we had an auctionof promises and then a regular auction. An auction of promises is where people offer services and then you bid for them but the money goes to Holli and Julia. Had some good fun bidding for different things, the best one was when Timbo and my service was up for auction and our table knew Lucy wanted to buy it(the service was a day out with two youth workers) for her brother so they bid her up for a while before giving it to her, it was classic.
Saturday saw a youth day trip into Oxford. We took about 20-25 young people out for the day and played wide games, did team building stuff and had a photo scavenger hunt around Headington. The day was fantastic, largely thanks to our MC Paddy who did this amazing job of community building and made the day a HUGE success. We wound up with some singing and a slideshow of the day, my highlight was spending most of the day singing songs with Adam which included getting everyone joining in the chourus of We Will Rock You at lunch while Adam and I sang the verses.
Sunday was the day of rest. Timbo and I had some fun when his bonnet flew up into the windscreen while we were doing 100km/hr down the highway on our way to church. Got a nice dint. We were just relieved the windscreen didn't shatter.

Monday night Timbo, Holli and Myself had Chinese for tea in Haddenham which was very nice. We spent most of the night laughing and mucking around, unwinding after a tough afternoon in the youth cafe. I really enjoyed the chill time and the spontaneity of the night. Its good being able to just go out with friend son the spur of the moment.

Wednesday saw some new kids at the discussion group, a promising sign, there's plenty of interest in it at the moment, just have to catch it before it wanes. Timbo and I had a bit of a wrestle afterwards, he's quite proficient at brazillian jujitsu and I'm practically professional at cuddle wrestling as Paddy's termed it, so Timbo won a lot but I'm getting better each time we wrestle. Then, after we exhausted ourselves wrestling, we went off to teach the English boys in Thame how to play soccer. Had a great game the highlight of which was when I lost a ball I should have been all over and jumped up and grabbed the basketball ring(or the pole holding it to the wall at least) in frustration. I spun as I came down only to hear my name as I landed. Looking up I saw the ball coming straight back to me, probably due to some great defensive work, I spun again as it reached me and sent it into the net! The best goal of my career in the Thame Premier League! Thats what I get for being a monkey I guess.

Almost done. Had staff meeting today then went out for coffee to celebrate the FarlessLeaders return from Germany and Egypt and to wind up our year as a team. We had a nice time in which we all affirmed Holli and Julia before they head to Oz as a way of saying goodbye. Was nice. Went back to the office because we had a BCG meeting tonight. I had the place to myself and was(still am but anyway) feeling a bit crook so I lay down on the couch at 5:30 and was woken up by the BCG showing up foir the meeting at 7:30. It was a good sleep but I was very sleepy throughout the meeting and I had a headache which didn't help. Had some fun with fone calls throughout, Holli has some very funny timing, she called twice, once was when I was praying and maybe it was my still being half asleep or maybe it was just the funny mood in the room but i answered the call in the middle of my prayer which was very funny but not helpful to the process really. As everyone was leaving Timbo came back and he has a habit of leaving his car running so I made straight for it and he'd even left the door open for me! Everyone else was in the car and still in a funny mood so we took off around Haddenham with Timbo chasing us once he realised we'd stolen his car. Was very Fun.

That's it! Nothing left! Goodnight! Bless! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stupid Computers!

Alright! I get the point! Enough with the comments! The reason, for anybody who's interested, I haven't been blogging is that my Stupid Computer has been mucking up for the last week and a half so Blogging has been the least of my worries compared to trying to get on a computer for long enough to do my work emails let alone Blog anything!
You want an update? I've been EXTREMELY busy at work last week with a Day Trip on the weekend and a fund raiser for two girls who are going to Oz in January to do C4 as well as running all the usual cafe and study groups tha are on each week. I've been absent from the FearlessLeaders house for most of that time, I've been sleeping on AtariMans couch since Friday night. FearlessLeader has been entertaining guests from Oz over the last two weekends so I've been enjoying other accomodation.
Really looking forward to finding my "own place" to stay if you know what I mean. I'm feeling very disoriented by not having my own space and by all the shifting about I've been doing so I'm not exactly at my best but you get that.
I am praying like crazy that I can get a place to stay in Haddenham very soon. This will have several benefits; 1 My own space which I am definitely feeling the lack of at the moment, 2 Our office has just shifted to Haddenham, (it was formerly MrsFearless' lounge room which was no fun for her), so I would be close to that and 3 There are a whole bunch of younger people in Haddenham and Thame who I am good friends with and social stuff will become a whole heap easier.
*I am aware that the previous paragraph may come across as ungrateful to the people who are generously hosting me for the moment. I'd just like to say that I do greatly appreciate their hospitality and love staying with them so I want to say thanks heaps for everyones generosity. However I haven't had a fixed abode, as they say, since July and I am REALLY missing a bit of personal space at the moment*
So that's the very late update from the Posse House and to give you a heads up we're expecting a fair bit of chaos over Christmas so posts from the Posse may be few. Timbo is talking about a skiing trip to Switzerland in about a week and the FearlessLeader is talking Dorset for Christmas.(jealous? you should be) Both of these events are going to damage my bank account quite badly. I think I may be doing a fair amount of busking come the new year.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday Everybody! Thought I'd make a regular Thursday post. We have our staff meeting on Thursday's, and CommTea, and our discussion group in Thame (still looking for a name for that one), I take a shower on Thursdays... so it's a good day for habitual rituals!

This week in the Posse House we had a mouse. Mouseman was caught and released, although not as far away as MrsFearless was advocating for (the rest of us felt that it was too much effort to send him overseas) and as if MrsFearless' fears were a beacon to him Mouseman is once more kicking it in the Posse.

Chris, who I now dub the Chef, is a professional cook from Oz and has been chilling in the Posse. Timbo and I were enjoying the company of another young Aussie, the Chef stayed for a few days and has departed for his horseback tour of the Black Mountains in Wales. The Chef has a lot on the menu at the moment and is carefully weighing several ingredients for his future.

Cause for celebrations:
I scored my first goal in my new career in the Thame Premier Socc... sorry, Football League!!! With perfect timing I capitalised on a fantastic cross and put the ball in the net for the first of many (hopeful/optimistic) great goals in my career. Consolations to Timbo who found himself on the floor when he made the mistake of trying to play a bit of push and shove with your truly. Never stood a chance, poor bloke. Hehehehe

Much excitement has surrounded the soon to be adventurers Holly and Julia, two english girls going off to Oz to do some study with Fusion. They needed some miracle funds to come through to afford the trip and more relevant to the moment; get visas for the trip. Holly spoke at her church about the need for funds and they came through with flying colours! The highlight was that when the money was tallied it exactly equalled what she needed to pay for the first months worth of expenses!

And now I shall bid you all good night as it is VERY late and I am VERY tired and I have a VERY early start tomorrow (I still say 9 is early, 10 is too for that matter, and whoever invented set working hours can go jump!) until next week, Happy Thursday.