Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stupid Computers!

Alright! I get the point! Enough with the comments! The reason, for anybody who's interested, I haven't been blogging is that my Stupid Computer has been mucking up for the last week and a half so Blogging has been the least of my worries compared to trying to get on a computer for long enough to do my work emails let alone Blog anything!
You want an update? I've been EXTREMELY busy at work last week with a Day Trip on the weekend and a fund raiser for two girls who are going to Oz in January to do C4 as well as running all the usual cafe and study groups tha are on each week. I've been absent from the FearlessLeaders house for most of that time, I've been sleeping on AtariMans couch since Friday night. FearlessLeader has been entertaining guests from Oz over the last two weekends so I've been enjoying other accomodation.
Really looking forward to finding my "own place" to stay if you know what I mean. I'm feeling very disoriented by not having my own space and by all the shifting about I've been doing so I'm not exactly at my best but you get that.
I am praying like crazy that I can get a place to stay in Haddenham very soon. This will have several benefits; 1 My own space which I am definitely feeling the lack of at the moment, 2 Our office has just shifted to Haddenham, (it was formerly MrsFearless' lounge room which was no fun for her), so I would be close to that and 3 There are a whole bunch of younger people in Haddenham and Thame who I am good friends with and social stuff will become a whole heap easier.
*I am aware that the previous paragraph may come across as ungrateful to the people who are generously hosting me for the moment. I'd just like to say that I do greatly appreciate their hospitality and love staying with them so I want to say thanks heaps for everyones generosity. However I haven't had a fixed abode, as they say, since July and I am REALLY missing a bit of personal space at the moment*
So that's the very late update from the Posse House and to give you a heads up we're expecting a fair bit of chaos over Christmas so posts from the Posse may be few. Timbo is talking about a skiing trip to Switzerland in about a week and the FearlessLeader is talking Dorset for Christmas.(jealous? you should be) Both of these events are going to damage my bank account quite badly. I think I may be doing a fair amount of busking come the new year.


Marcus said...

Hallelujah, there is life after death (of a blog) Hope you find the space you're looking for soon. I spent my first year in England living in a bedsit that was just large enough to contain a bed and allow the door to swing open beside it. Used to wash my dishes in the sink in the bathroom on the first floor landing. The second year I moved into something smaller! I did have the run of the house there though and had a couple of great parties. Are there bedsits in Haddenham? Or are you looking for board with a local family/church connection? Or your own flat? Or to share a flat with some other dreadlocked young person?
I'm guessing accommodation isn't cheap.
We here at HoltPress feel your pain and would like to help if we can. If you need a bond or loan to help get you into something let us know and we'll get busy on our own busking endeavours.

The Heir said...

Yeah, I'm not quite doing it that rough but it is starting to get to me. I think a bed-sit would be fine it is more having a place that is mine and more permanent than at present. Definitely looking for ent free or VERY cheap. I shouldn't need any kind of loans to get into the place but I am starting to feel how expensive living in the UK is. Everything will sort itself out, I just really want it to hurry up about it!

Marcus said...

I know Tolkien haled from Oxbridge and the Lord of the Rings has been very popular, what with the movies and all, but surely finding somewhere to live "ent free" won't be that difficult!
Spelling errors, like Saruman's doomed alliance, could become hobbit forming.

This has been a community service announcement brought to you by Bad Grammar Man :)

Anonymous said...

A quick trip to to check my initial response has revealed the following embarrasing truths; haled in the context bad grammar man is spelled hailed. Also Tolkien was from Oxford as opposed to Oxbridge.
Lift your game Bad Grammar Man.
This community service announcement was brought to you by the New Era Paradime Protection Agency.
(We at NEPPA would like to inform Bad Grammar Man that the new era is one of free speach, free will and free spelling. As the next generation bring to birth their beautiful new cyber language we believe that tolerance should be a value held by all. Our task is to protect this new and wonderful creation from archaic vigilantes such as yourself. Have a nice day)

Peter said...

Welcome back Zac, you are still inspiring BGM I see.

The Heir said...

hey grandpa, i got him good that time but!

Carolyn said...

But what?

The Heir said...

Grrrr! You're as bad as Bad Grammar man! It's a youth-speak expression, closest translation would be- though.

Marcus said...

"haled in the context bad grammar man is spelled hailed. Also Tolkien was from Oxford as opposed to Oxbridge."

Haled is a genuine typo.

Oxbridge is the vernacular for the seat of learning covered by the esteemed universities, Oxford and Cambridge. A scholar is said to have studied at Oxbridge, meaning one or the other.

"haled in the context bad grammar man is spelled hailed. Also Tolkien was from Oxford as opposed to Oxbridge."
should read
"haled in the context, bad grammar man, is spelt hailed. Also Tolkien was from Oxford as opposed to Oxbridge."
in that a word is spelt a certain way, not spelled by Harry Potter or Gandalf, nor spelled as in put out to pasture.

While NEPPA may reflect certain unfortunate trends in the decline of the language, I think you'll find that the correct title should be New Era PARADIGM Protection Agency

Bad Grammar Man


Anonymous said...

Damnit! I tried to find the right spelling of Paradigm for about half an hour! I knew you'd get that one! Listen BadGrammarMan, NEPPA is sending both Harry Potter and Gandalf after you soon if you don't cease this campaign of harrassment!

Carolyn said...

Though what?

The Heir said...

I give up! Mum... don't worry about it!

Marcus said...

"campaign of harrassment"?
Consider it furthering your education.

"Mum...don't worry about it!"
I suggest you try something a little less challenging, say "Earth stop spinning for a a couple of days" or "Tides, just hold off for the time being"

As a fully paid up member of the Mothers Union your Mum not only can't stop worrying, she believes it's her divine calling in life!

Don't worry about it though (!) it just means she loves you!

Is it cold? Snowing?
Saw a weather report the other day and Britain looked like being cold and bleak for Christmas.

Guess Who? said...

Who's worrying? I was making a joke. As usual, members of the male gender missed the subtleties of my superior sense of humour.