Friday, December 16, 2005

Renovations in the Posse House

It's time to renovate this blog! I've had some ideas playing around in my head for a while now but lacked the time and technical expertise to make them a reality. However I'm making a commitment now to conquer the technical mumbo-jumbo and start making some changes. The thing about ideas being in your head is that they quite often stay there, but once you commit yourself to something, (especially publicly, say on a blog), then you are much more motivated to make it happen. That's the plan anyway... we'll se how it goes!
Keep an eye out for things appearing in the side-bar. Maybe some extra links and a couple of walls nocked over and moved... I'm thinking three stories, Loft, Ground Floor and Basement. Have to figure out how it will all work but its definitely time to step it up a notch!


Carolyn said...

Hey Zach! Cruisy Sat arvo; Sophie in Perth for combined youth groups ball(with girls from here and Stu's wife), Jord at Whitehouses in Capel for 2 days, Paul watching TV, Marcus asleep in chair, me cleaning my room/playing on Computer. Your week sounds fun. Love mum.

Marcus said...

Consider the radical nature of that throwaway line, your mother cleaning her room! No sorry, I mean your mother playing around on the computer! Who said the age of miracles was past?
First the Heir and now the Co-Pilot! Hallelujah.
Starting her own blog, that's my next goal!


Marcus said...

By the way, interesting profile you have. "passtimes" "unnoficial"
Looks like another visit to is called for!

Bad Grammar Man

Marcus said...

Oh! Just spotted "begining" too!


Zac, read my warning before you do any najor renovations to the Posse House, mine was a near disaster.

Marcus said...

Make that major!

Bad Grammar Man with egg on his face!

Youthblog said...

Hey thanks for blog-rolling me! Hope the rennovations go ok, in my experience messing with the code can really bite!