Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday Everybody! Thought I'd make a regular Thursday post. We have our staff meeting on Thursday's, and CommTea, and our discussion group in Thame (still looking for a name for that one), I take a shower on Thursdays... so it's a good day for habitual rituals!

This week in the Posse House we had a mouse. Mouseman was caught and released, although not as far away as MrsFearless was advocating for (the rest of us felt that it was too much effort to send him overseas) and as if MrsFearless' fears were a beacon to him Mouseman is once more kicking it in the Posse.

Chris, who I now dub the Chef, is a professional cook from Oz and has been chilling in the Posse. Timbo and I were enjoying the company of another young Aussie, the Chef stayed for a few days and has departed for his horseback tour of the Black Mountains in Wales. The Chef has a lot on the menu at the moment and is carefully weighing several ingredients for his future.

Cause for celebrations:
I scored my first goal in my new career in the Thame Premier Socc... sorry, Football League!!! With perfect timing I capitalised on a fantastic cross and put the ball in the net for the first of many (hopeful/optimistic) great goals in my career. Consolations to Timbo who found himself on the floor when he made the mistake of trying to play a bit of push and shove with your truly. Never stood a chance, poor bloke. Hehehehe

Much excitement has surrounded the soon to be adventurers Holly and Julia, two english girls going off to Oz to do some study with Fusion. They needed some miracle funds to come through to afford the trip and more relevant to the moment; get visas for the trip. Holly spoke at her church about the need for funds and they came through with flying colours! The highlight was that when the money was tallied it exactly equalled what she needed to pay for the first months worth of expenses!

And now I shall bid you all good night as it is VERY late and I am VERY tired and I have a VERY early start tomorrow (I still say 9 is early, 10 is too for that matter, and whoever invented set working hours can go jump!) until next week, Happy Thursday.


Carolyn said...

The 2nd mouse is probably Mrs Mouseman and you've ruined her Christmas by throwing her husband out of the house. Impressed to hear you've progressed to showering once a week, those dreadies must smell nice! (Warning: concerned mother comment ahead!) Congrats on the goal, are you wearing your knee brace? miss you, love mum

Marcus said...

Well done son but I doubt David Beckham has much to worry about.


Carolyn said...

Hi Zach! It's Tues and you haven't written since Thurs. I'm checking each day for news. love reading it . Love Mum

The Heir said...

I never had a kneebrace except for right after I did my knee and I didn't even like wearing that one for the two weeks. The only reason they even wanted me to is so I wouldn't walk on it, like they could stop me!
I've been enjoying some time apart from my computer as I'm staying with a friend in Oxford while some friends of Marty and Jens stay at theirs. I'll update it on Wednesday I guess, not too worried but.

Carolyn said...

OK. Have fun.

jords7socks said...

take ur time then. come on, BLOG boy!

Marcus said...

Has this blog been abandoned?
If so please send it to the Blogger Home for Stray Blogs where a new owner will be found for it, one who will take better care of it and give it more regular exercise.