Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Quick Update from London

Very quick update: I'm in London for a couple of days seeing what there is to see and an internet cafe is providing the first access to email and blogs I've had for a while. Christmas was great, went to Evershot in Dorset with the Fearlesses and Kate, an Aussie girl. Sadly Timbo was in Oz before Christmas for his mothers funeral so we didn't get to have Christmas with him despite Dorset being his idea. Will update more of the last couple of weeks once I'm back in the Posse House, until then...


Marcus said...

Good to hear Christmas went well.
London is one of my favourite places so much to see and do, so many places on the Monopoly Board to experience in real life.
Check out Westminster Abbey and St Paul's if you can, both fascinating. Then there's the British Museum, the Tate Gallery, National Portrait Museum, Covent Garden etc etc.
Have fun, take plenty of pictures.
Love Dad

The Heir said...

My camera is out of battery! The memory card is full! And the charger and rest of the accessories are in Oxford! I got a couple of quick photos but nothing like I would have liked, the worst moment was when I had a squirrel sitting on my foot in St. James Park and I couldn't get the stupid thing to work!

Marcus said...

Sounds like Lord Lichfield's got nothing to worry about!
Never mind, plan ahead next time. I used to work just near St James Park.