Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two Minutes Turkish

I just watched Lock Stock, for the second time apparently. I thought I hadn't seen it yet but on watching it I discovered that I had seen it and it must have been Snatch that I had not seen. Which means that I still need to see Snatch but I have Lock Stock on automatic loop, apparently.
"Too late, too late will be the cry, of the man with the bargains as he passes you by." Jason Statham does some shite films for some reason but then he makes his way into genius stuff like this and Snatch. Brilliant black comedy, a web of awesome twists, and one heck of a sound track. This kind of class is why British film has such a good reputation. The closest things to it I've seen are Inside Man and Big Nothing.
Going to see Hancock at the cinema tonight. There was some debate amongst my friends as to whether it was a Marvel film or based on a comic book or just fresh stuff. There's a whole heap of really great indie comics and unknown graphic novels out there and in face of hollywood's phobia of new material and a rapidly shrinking list of things to re-make they may just turn some indie and cult material into some mainstream teen-fad films.
I also just killed the sexy lady. Not good. Mums favourite mug has a picture of a sexy lady on it and I just broke it. Luck likes me so she's in Perth at the minute giving me a day or two to replace it before she gets home!

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