Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Clearly Not Giving Him Enough To Do

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, is on Facebook. Commonly accepted as the worlds foremost procrastination tool. He has 4462 friends, of which two are mutual friends of mine (for anyone unfamiliar with facebook, the PM has added two of the same people as I have), he is [unsurprisingly] a Rudd and Labour supporter (see the fans and supporters application/groups on facebook) along with a few posted items and notes (more facebook jargon). He does not, however, have a wall, superwall, funwall or any other kind of wall for people to write upon. Probably a wise move. I am able to send him a free gift (small picture of a gift that I might possibly like to give to someone, though generally not the sort of thing people actually give as gifts ie. a llama) and after careful consideration I have settled on a magic eight ball and a note that reads: to help with those important decisions.
The Bush administration continue to demonstrate their incredible ability to appear incompetent. This being A LOT of the reason the GOP is going to have so much trouble getting John McCain elected in November. In fairness to the republicans the American people chose to elect Bush for a second term and so really have not a whole lot of right to be indignant about him, they knew what they were getting.

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