Sunday, July 06, 2008

Of Holidays, Weekends, And Other Things I No Longer Get To Enjoy

School holidays kicked off this weekend, marked by late bed times and extended absences from the boys, and the imminent departure of Father for the footy trip. O, and by the standard Saturday and Sunday evening shifts at work which, combined with a single shift on Wednesday, make for a really irritating roster. The double slap on the face means you can't go out on the weekend, nor can you take off to Perth for a week coz you have to be around on Wednesday, lets make it a triple slap, you also earn bugger all money for your irritation.
On the upside I have three job offers to stroke my ego. One of them is in England and pretty darn tempting but not going to happen. One is in Perth and looks a safe bet for next year. And the other may just be the answer to my roster problems while I'm still down south.
Geelong kept up their form with a great win over the Crows. I missed the game as I was using one of my rare Friday nights off work to socialise and spend money at Smiths Beach, but I'm told it was fun to watch.
The Wallabies thumped the French last night, that I did get to see. They look good. The forwards seem to have found some form at last after getting schooled by the English pack at the world cup last year and Matt Giteau was magnificent. George Smith was impressive which bodes well but to be honest, we've only played Ireland and France. The real test will be whether we keep our form against the Springboks and the All Blacks.
I nearly forgot to mention..! So you have some perspective on the thrilling, busy, and challenging job that is currently my employ: last night we had two tables in the restaurant, drank about six cups of coffee, and counted how many individual sprinkles you get in one gram of hundreds and thousands. 1150. So in a 1.5 kilo catering pack of the stuff there is roughly 1,725,000 sprinkles meaning you would need about 580 1.5 kilo packets to make up one trillion sprinkles. We need to verify the data with a few more tests but our hypothesis that anoyone trying to tell you that they ought to be called "millions and trillions" is a moron is looking pretty good.


Marcus said...

Just letting you know you have readers who await your posts with interest.

WV! zaxzwgq

Zaac said...

whats with your photo? im fairly sure youre not black and last time i checked you couldnt fit three oranges in your mouth. feel free to correct me on either point.