Saturday, June 02, 2007

Worlds End

Yesterday was Pirates day. I took the church youth to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, dressed as Pirates. Not totally unheard of, especially in recent times, but for going to an Aylesbury cinema it was a fairly daring and courageous move. (Especially from Matt and I whose outfits came largely from Lucy's wardrobe and were wearing eye liner that made us look like a pair of VERY gay pirates) Before heading to see the third movie we watched the first two movies at Matts place. I'd been planning this for a while and it was good fun, but my enjoyment was marred by a sodding cold, a headache (probly due to the cold), and feeling very drained from a big week and the cold and just really wanting to sleep. The third movie was somewhat predictable, I managed to pick most of the plot twists but still enjoyed them and the fight scenes were quality so I really enjoyed it all in all.
The huge week is now done, just church and a bbq tomoro and life goes back to normal after a rather different week.

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