Sunday, June 03, 2007

Games in the Woods

Had a BBQ up Wendover Woods this arvo. Was really really good. Nice and chilled, played "golf" with the lads while we thought the girls were doing the BBQ ("Golf" involves getting a random selection of rugby's, football's, tennis ball's and vortex's and improvising with trees and signs and benches and basically anything you can find to make a golf course and you then use your ball to navigate the course in as few shots as possible, the winner then designs the next hole. Brilliantly simple and loads of fun) having played the front ten (needed an even nimber so our swapping of the balls would be fair) we returned to find a smoking heap of coals on the BBQ that the gorls informed us had been on fire approximately three times and had died out an equal number of times and in the course of all of this no one had thought to cook any food. A more accurate summary is probably that the girls squirted a load of lighter fluid on the BBQ and waited until it died down before repeating the process. Pete resurrected a fire from the pile of smoking coal, accompanied by a worrying comment from the girls "aren't you meant to put the kindling on top of the coals?" No, you're definitely not meant to do that, and no, you will never be touching the fire again. (Harsh but fair) We managed to cook some grub and set about eating it, this process deteriorated into an hilarious food fight after about half an hour and ended with Matt in a considerable amount of trouble with his girlfriend who he had tipped off the bench and then poured water over, from my end this was perhaps the funniest part of the nite but I can understand it was probly less amusing for her.
This fun was followed up by a game of rugby before we hid under some trees as the rain started, Heth chose this moment to pull out the cake, not bad timing really, just a little different to normal and then we sat about chatting until the rain went away and we finished with a game of ultimate vortex (like ultimate frisbee but with a vortex) The fun really started on the way out the woods, the gates are locked at nine so we had a curfew and this presented opportunity for mischief! As we got to the gate I jumped out and went to close it on Pauls car behind us, the gate was padlocked to a post, which presented little issue as I simply ripped it out the ground and dragged it along too (ok, so someone had obviously dug it out earlier, was still pretty funny) letting them through I put the pole back in the ground and turned to find the rotten sods had both driven off without me! I ran down the road and Paul drove back up to find me and then I hid in the back seat as he drove past the others and made like he hadn't been able to find me, leaving them trying to work out where I actually was. This kicked off an awesome (read: dangerous) trip home, the highlight of which was probly Paul deciding to follow Ian round the roundabout twice at the last second, jerking his Jag back onto the circle and sending Jenny sliding across the back seat into me very much like a cartoon! (Neither Jenny or I had managed to work out the seat belts in the back and so weren't strapped in, after we stopped laughing we put some effort into figuring them out and securing ourselves)
Now I'm home and rather sleepy, so I shall chip to bed.

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Marcus said...

There are times when I'm both glad, and horrified, in equal measure that you are on the other side of the world and out of reach for a good parental cuffing of the ear!
Seatbelts, don't leave home without them!
Other than the safety breach it sounds like a very fun day.

Love Dad