Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's all about Jo

Jo is here. She flew from Australia to see me for my birthday. What I want to know is where are the rest of you? Huh?! Huh?! Ok, so maybe Jo is on a round the world jaunt and made a slight detour to come and visit me, still, great work from her! The weather here turned on a treat yesterday, tipped it down constantly for 24 hours, Oxford was disgusting, for such a beautiful city I've never seen it look so miserable and dead. Welcome to England Jo. (Oh, forgot the explanation of the title, there is one rule with Jo, that must never ever be broken, it's all about Jo. Simple eh?)
I'm now 20. Or, as is becoming popular amongst those forced to leave their teenage years by the unstoppable force we like to call "time": Twenteen. I'm not particularly loving the idea of no longer being a teenager but I will probly get over it sometime soon. I like being the "young one", the youngest in my class, younger than people think I am, young enough to get away with some of the crazy things I do. Oddly, I am the oldest child in my family. Perhaps a contributing factor to my liking of being young and not having responsibility. Whatever the reasons, I enjoy my youth and intend to continue to make use of it, it is a significant number, but ultimately, just a number, and I have no intention of growing up anytime soon =]


Marcus said...

Happy Birthday Zac!

Paulie is here and wanted to talk to you but you are hard to find, not on Skype, not at home, mobile not working!!
Turned 20 and gone to ground I see!

Barbara told me you're staying elsewhere for a couple of days of hard partying and drunken "revelrying".

When you surface or sober up, whicever comes first, give us a call so the family can pay it's last respects to your teenagehood.
No use fighting it son, you are an adult now and it's time to face up to it!!!!

Happy Birthday Much love Dad, Paul and family

Merle said...

Hi Zaac ~~ Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day. Merle. (Grandpa's
sister.) Take care over there !!