Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wind Up

Had an entertaining time this arvo winding Heth up. It culminated in a magical series of pranks when she dropped me home. First I refused to get out the car, she couldn't make me, she tried pretty hard too. Then I got out the car and took her bag with me, which she wouldn't have noticed had I not slung it over my shoulder as I walked away (so she wouldn't drive off without her wallet and fone) and then waited round the corner for the good three minutes it took her to realise I wasn't coming back with it to come find me and chase me round the drive until she realised her bag was under the car. I then got in the drivers seat of her car and locked the doors. After teasing her for a couple of minutes James showed up and I started talking to him through the slit in the window I'd opened, completely ignoring Heth who was getting more and more annoyed (should mention that she couldn't stop laughing either, I generally end the game when the other person no longer finds it funny) I eventually let her have her car back, leaving her with three minutes to get to Risboro, did I mention she was on her way out?
Finished up the evening with the boys watching Jackass 2, funnily enough at the same place as Heth who was upstairs watching the disgrace that is "The Pursuit of Happiness" which I have refused to watch on the basis that it reeks of soppy cheese and a moral of "everything will be ok" ...utter rubbish. Jackass 2 was not as good as the first one, more sickening stupidity this time round, altho there were some quality stunts. One guy held on to the end of a dangling fire hose which was turned on full blast and went nuts, and Johnny Knoxville set up a brilliant gag with a note on a wall that had an extendable boxing glove behind it!

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Heth said...

Actually Zac if you ahd watched the film you'd know that the moral was not "everything will be ok" infact everything was very much not ok for the first 2 hours of the film. everything was so awful that me and ems were screaming at the tv to make the sadness stop! whilst it practiaclly gave us an anurism it was actually a good film altho probably not something your attention span could cope with.tehehe. Ha still beat you neway even if you did make me late to risb. the takeaway was lush!!