Monday, June 11, 2007

The Blessing of the Lord

Had a crazy weekend. Friday nite was drop in, which went really well. There's a new basketball court that's just been built on the field and there were stacks of kids out so we managed to get quite a good game going. I played some great three on three against Sam, our massive black dude who towers over the ring, and pretty much scores every time he gets the ball. It was good to play with some guys who know how to play and I played the best basketball I've played in a lot of years.
Couldn't sleep Friday nite and ended up on the fone to a friend at three in the morning, something that I paid for dearly the next morning when I had to get up at 8 to get a bus to Wheatley so I could go down to help at the Corfe Mullen Festival. The festival was good except that Guy and I were both shattered and were fading towards the end. They stuck us on a train back to Oxford and we pulled out our laptops to plan the Internship lesson we've only had two months warning to get ready for (taught it today!) and worked most of the way home.
We got off the platform at Oxford with a pair of headaches and some serious BO between us and started trudging back to Iffley road. And then the Lord did pour out onto us his mighty blessing upon us. Every traffic crossig we came to changed to green on our approach (there were approximately twelve of these consecutive changes on the trudge home), then Guy turned to me and said "You know what would be crazy but awesome right now?" to which I replied "Getting Krispy Kremes" great minds... So we make a slight detour to Krispy Kremes praying all the while that the Lord will extend the normal opening hours past 7pm (a deadline that had already past) and shower us with donuts. It turns out that Krispy Kremes stays open until 8 on saturdays! In we strolled and ordered a dozen assorted donuts and then as we were paying for them one of the girls behind the counter asked us if we'd like a free dozen donuts. We walked out of Krispy Kremes with no less than 24 donuts and renewed spirits. As we stepped onto the road outside KK's without even pausing, the traffic lights turned green for us.
We finished the nite eating Guys magical pasta bake and donuts and drinking tea while watching the Ilse of Wight music festival on TV and receiving wondrous neck rubs from one of our friends. Insanely, I managed to hold out til 2am to see Muse and Kasabian play before we all crashed out.
Sunday was a Day of rest, none of us waking up until after twelve and then going shopping in Oxford and walking round the university parks and chatting. A very chilled afternoon was spent at Iffley road before I headed home from what had become a great weekend despite seeming like hell on saturday morning.

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Sounds Great! Love, Mum