Friday, May 25, 2007

How do you like THEM apples?!

The Mac is here! And after some initial "fun" is connected to the net, tho not by my doing or understanding, and is very very very cool! The switch from PC is far from over but I'm getting there, need some coaching and some spare time to work it out, have actually not had a moment to chill since I got it, with the exception of last nite where I was so tired all I managed to do was put a DVD on it and crash out. (The picture and the sound were amazing!)
This weekend see's the start of the busiest week of my life, feels like anyway. Canoeing in Wales, then having a friend from Oz for three days (!) and then have a day of rock climbing, then a pirates day, then a park party with church, then I collapse in a heap and die... fun fun!


Marcus said...

That's a relief! With each day's non-appearance I was getting more and more worried!Especially when you asked whether I'd insured it? It hadn't even crossed my mind!
So, I'm very glad and relieved you've got it.
Did you like the box it came in?
And the other goodies inside?
That's what I call a care package from home!
Enjoy your new toy.

Love Dad

jayne said...
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jayne said...

hey, i just realised...were you not supposed to be coming over here this weekend?!i'm guessing that didn't work out!lol!hope you have a great one anyway and maybe i'll see you over here sometime?i'm heading to oz at the end of june for a few weeks - can't wait!

Peter said...

Hi Zac, hope you had a good Birthday today, I think it's still coming where you are???? whats with the Mac? that sounds almost like blasphemy.

gledwood said...

When I finally get a proper notebook of my own it's probably going to be a Mac... what am I saying... almost definitely because all the stuff Mac excells in (making home movies, splicing together sounds, doing stuff to photos ...) THAT's the stuff I'd want a computer for ... know what i mean??
I'm on a random blog hop through and near Australia today and that's how I came by you ...
I'm at gledwood2.blogspot if you want to come by. You're most welcome.
See you later!
All the best
Gledwood "vol 2 " ....