Thursday, March 01, 2007

Weekend Away

Well, kind of. I have drop in tomorow nite until ten and then I drive up to Telford (or close by, not sure really, 2 or 3 hours anyway) once there I will probably prepare the unit I have to teach on saturday as I doubt I'll get time to do it tomorow, then I get a few hours sleep before doing foundations all day and catching a train back to haddenham. Get in at 7:40 and head straight for the 70's nite where I said I'd help out before I realised how busy this weekend was gonna be. Church Sunday, teching Sunday School, was supposed to call Mark and work out what we're teaching them like three days ago... whoops.
So a restful weekend in store *cough* "sleep is for the dead"


Marcus said...

Burnout warning!
A few years back "burnout" was the buzz word amongst youthworkers.

Thankfully that led to the emergence of "self-care".

Please be careful Zac.

Much love


Anonymous said...

the voice of youth speaking:

Burnout is for wimps,

Self care is for women doing their nails,

Awake is the new sleep!!!

Marcus said...


Zaac said...

great rebuttal dad, truly inspiring...