Sunday, February 25, 2007


The weekend supposedly is for resting, but I seem to sleep less then than ever. Friday nite was drop in, good fun this week, I had a twelve year old size me up for a fight (and think better of it) and his big brother decide that playing football with little kids meant he could push, shove and kick everyone out of his way, I took him aside and offered him a choice about playing with little kids and looking out for others (as opposed to bashing into them) or not playing. After a few stubborn attempts to argue that "football is football" and that he could bash into people if he wanted he chose not to play. Got home from drop in and fell asleep watching Jarhead, stupid movie that makes a stupid point but does it very well. The point being that the soldiers sat around waiting for something to happen... and nothing ever did. This point is made by keeping you sitting there thinking surely something must happen... and it never does.
Saturday I edited my MySpace page, it now looks well cool, check it out (links in the side bar) and then went to Matts to watch the rugby. I wisely decided to use the tenuous link of an Irish grandparent to cheer for Ireland, who trounced England in magnificent style at Crode Park. Brian O'driscoll is a legend. Stayed at Matts as his place is a good deal closer to church than mine. I found it in the morning that he'd left the window open all nite, which explained why I'd frozen into an icicle!!
Church was great this morning, which is one of the really impressive bits about my church, family service is really good (unlike the generally intolerably infantile family services of many chuches) and involved the youth sharing about the gathering two weeks back. After I had a couple of good chats and it looks like we'll be doing an all nite prayer thing (with loads of different things for fun in there) at Easter, should be fun.
Close examination of the side bar will reveal some new additions. Lyndsey (blog squad) is a friend from Soul Survivor who's taking a gap year and travelling around africa and various other cool places, probably including Australia. Captain Justice has returned to the Motherland from his adventures in Tasmania and has begun his blog anew to mark the move. And Brecklines is Andys (the Bish) website, which I shouldn't really put under Blog Squad as its a web page in its own right... but I'll stick him there coz in reality its just a glorified blog owned by a legenadary snow boarding computer geek who uses yellow times new roman font, say no more.
The weekend (probly the week as well to be honest, but particularly noticable in the last couple of days) has been massively up and down. Stupidly soaringly high and awesome, or crashing down to earth with a sickening thud depression and gloom. Went flying this morning, crashed this arvo. Seriously unfunny. Waiting for my wings back.

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Marcus said...

I'm a bit concerned about you, sounds like your swinging a little far between highs and lows mate. I know you like the whole go without sleep routine but I suspect you're not actually getting enough sleep and it's contributing to your lack of well-being.
Healthy diet and plenty of water are also helpful. May not hurt to do a little self-inventory.
Give us a call if you want to talk about anything.

I love you.


WV wyfarkzp!!