Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Very nearly called mum again today before I realised that its the 7th and Mums birthday is the 8th... that would have been twice in one year... unbelievable!! Anyway, thought I'd get the happy birthday post out of the way (let me rephrase that as, on reflection, it doesnt sound so great) what I mean is let me wish Mother a Happy Birthday via the internet now so that I dont forget to do so later and I shall call her tomorow.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weekend was quite good in the end, taught a unit and ran some games (old people are boring I have concluded and want to go back to doing youth foundations, how can you not like games?!?!) and then the lads went exploring with a couple of female admirers in tow. Originally we had intended to nip down the pub but in light of the female presence we were inspired to show off and so climbed all over and then under a bridge (have some cool photos from this Ill post as soon as I nick them off Dan) and then climbed some trees and Mim and Stu did some flips (or tried to anyway, the stacks were far more impressive than the successful ones!!)
Train home was fine until I reached Bicester, which is only 15mins from home, and the train sat at the station for half and hour and then took an hour, I kid you not, to go from Bicester to Haddenham!! (point of interest: Bicester is prounounced bis-ter as opposed to bi-cest-er) Because of the delay I missed my lift out to the 70s nite and spent a bored nite at home. (had also managed to miss-read my ticket and so was under the impression my train got in at 7:40, sitting in Birmingham at 7:15 it occurred to me that there was about a snowballs chance in hell of me getting to Haddenham in 25mins and looked at my ticket to find it actually said 8:40)
Two more days til the weekend, which looks about as restful as the last!!

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Carolyn said...

Thankyou Zach for your Birthday wishes. It was great to hear your voice on the message on phone. We had a good night out at Margaret River, I'm sure you've read the blog. Don't give up on the oldies yet. Maybe they just need different games yo the youth. Lots of love, Mum.