Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Things that should be THOUGHT and NOT SAID

Had a few funny moments in the last few days, largely involving things that should be thought but not voiced aloud. I have quite a history of voicing these things at the worst possible moment [like the time I asked "what do you call a black man flying a plane?" with a black lady standing behind me. the answer happens to be "a pilot, you racist" and so is not in fact a racist joke, however it was not good timing] but have come through the last few days unscathed by the backlash of offended fun sherrifs and full of mirth at my own one liners.
Some of the best ones are just lines that come out really really badly or make you sound really really dumb. For instance:
(Playing a game with a friend who has become distracted for some time now) "I feel like I'm playing with myself"
(During a discussion about a floating house and places we should visit) "We can go to Croatia!! I have some friends with a flat we can stay in there"
(At a cell group) "So do you think God would have been scared in that situation?"

And then there's the harsh thoughts that pop into your head and hopefully dont make it to your tongue. We'll leave those untyped as well as unsaid, altho some of them were pure gold. Have had a couple of funny skype chats with people who were in the same room as me trading secret banter about what else was going on in the meeting or discussion!! Some good comedy this week in the posse house!!


Andy Rob said...

i was doing a 'late for school' race with some kids, basically you have to run along and put on some school clothes, then take 'em off and let the next person go.

Anyway i was shout out the instructions and had some kids demonstrating it, so made then run through it and put on all my clothes that i had put out for them. At the end i just wanted to restart it, so said:

'And take off all your clothes and go back to the start'

then tried to recover by saying:

'take off all my clothes....erm'

and couldn't do anything but laugh and hid in embarassment, somebody else actually had to take over and finish off the instructions.

Worse things definately happen at sea!!!


Anonymous said...

'That'll teach you not to kick it so hard!!!'

'That'll teach YOU to duck!'

Anonymous said...

That was soooooooo much more than a wrong thing said at the wrong time. That was one of the all time classic moments of fiesta!!!!!!!

Zaac said...

yes, yes it was =] her nose has been slightly off centre ever since that inceident i believe.. the stupidest thing about it was she then sat in the middle of the freakin pitch for ten mins before she let us get back on with the game... flipping awesome kick tho!!