Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Key

A few weeks back we moved the church office a hudred meters or so up the high street. At some point during the day we moved two massive lockable filing cabinets, I took the key out of one of these stupidly heavy cabinets so that we wouldn't break it and put it in my pocket so I wouldn't lose it. Several weeks later, I find said key in my pocket and after a couple of forgettings I remember to take it back to the office. By some stroke of luck I chose to hand it to Geoff and some instinct warned me not to go into too much detail (loving my instincts at this point) and Geoff goes "Shirley'll kill you!!" Turns out Shirley spent two days rummaging through boxes looking for this key, someone called Geoff in Nigeria to see if he had it, and then there's been an ongoing saga where Shirley's been accosting different people and possibilities to try and find this key with the blame largely falling on Geoff!! So Geoff laughs and gives me the wink, our little secret, and goes to give Shirley the key back. Far from being glad to have it back Shirley launched an inquest that lasted half the afternoon trying to work out where it was. Geoff did an admirable job of keeping the secret, although Shirley has cottoned on to my knowing the truth too as Geoff and I were sharing too many winks and in jokes too get away with it scott free. It provided some ongoing entertainment anyway, probly will for a while yet, at least till Shirley figures it out and defenestrates me out the upstairs window!!
Was a good day, all in all. I had a meeting with Geoff and one of the teachers from the local high school which went very well indeed. In a massive reversal of trends in schools, the teacher asked me how I'd feel about coming in for a whole day and doing various bits of youth work for them throughout, some mentoring and some lunch time stuff and some other stuff too probly. I was stoked, such a good response!! Geoff also gave me a bag of clothes his son has just thrown out, turns out he is pretty much my size exactly, and he has awesome taste. Loving it!!
Had Mart and Jen's farewell tonite, they're moving to Germany to start a centre for the work over there. Which means that the role of Fearless Leader has passed to Atari man (Danbo) who was welcomed as UK Director tonite (I'm gonna get many months worth of teasing him out of that!!) Was an ok nite except for the small talk, small talk drives me crazy, felt uncomfortable, ended up nicking off with some friends who had to pick someone up from the bus station to get away from it for a bit. Is strange, Mart's favourite pass time is chatting with loads of people so it was exactly his kind of party, (and has been the kind of party at every work function ever), but I really can't deal with those kinds of party's and inevitably end up going off to get some space. May possibly be working for the wrong organisation in that sense, they're very much into the whole networking/small talk gig, tho I recognise a valuable difference between the two, there is a definite link.
Anyhow. I must get to bed as tonite has turned into another late one despite my best intentions!!


Marcus said...

When I first knew him he was called Martin.

A few years after getting married he became Marty, which always makes me think of Mickey Mouse.

I notice now that he is referred to as Mart. A strange derivation.
Conjures images of shopping centres.

What next I wonder?

Enjoyed the saga of the key. You were wise not to own up to anything, nothing good can come of that sort of confession.

Zaac said...

i notice you usually call him martin, marty is the standard name for him, mart was something i picked up off jen.
hehe call it a prophetic edge with the key, there had been a couple of moments previously where i had nearly mentioned it to shirley (equivalent to shooting myself in the foot with a shotgun) but something held me back.