Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm not angry I'm just disappointed

Tough nite at drop in. Some drunk kids started on one of the young people from church, he did amazingly well and just kept walking away. The situation kept escalating despite me throwing kids out and it came to a head when a bunch tried to come through a window and then a crowd of about 30 all stormed the place and there was me and Heth standing between them and the young guy and we were backed into a corner. The bastards got in a punch over my shoulder before running off like cowards, leaving Jamie with a bloody nose and me with a room full of scared kids. It was so frustrating not being able to fight back, 1- because we're not allowed to, and 2- because if I threw a punch a brawl would have erupted and a brawl that consists of me, Heth and Jamie versus 30 odd drunk kids ends with us very very beaten. I came away from it feeling disappointed that Jamie got hurt and that people were left frightened and frustrated that I hadnt been able to prevent it or at least punch someone!!
Lots of lessons learned on the crisis management front. Strangely in the debrief I found myself setting the course of action I knew we would have to take in spite of my desire to sock a few of these kids in the eye. Next week they will be welcomed back, provided they have not been drinking, and treated with grace and love. Boundaries will be set with the group as a whole about what kind of behaviour is acceptable in order for drop in to function. And I... will be praying for those kids who punched Jamie, and praying that God will soften my heart towards them in spite of what they've done.


2Peter said...

Good for you for keeping a level and cool head in a tough situation!

I always wonder what's going on inside kids who exhibit violence so easily. Many possibilities, but I think there's little doubt that whay they need is grace and love.

Your plan sounds good.

Andy said...

some people just can't appreciate the good things they are given.

I'm sure you did the best anyone could have done.

Mucho respect for not hitting them.

Tell Jamie that chicks did guys with scars.

Marcus said...

Sorry to hear about the violence at Drop-In mate, it's always an unpleasant experience. I sometimes wonder how Jesus would deal with stuff like that in the modern era.
You are clearly growing in maturity and experience as a youthworker, and facing more difficult challenges as a consequence. One thing that helps is having more staff/volunteers. At Chip Inn we always had 10 or more people which ,meant we were less easily intimidated or attacked (except in The Corridor of Death).
Pardon the pun but don't beat yourself up over it.
Alcohol is a horrible drug when abused and mobs are unpredictable and often ugly. Combine those elements and trouble is not far away.

Grace and love are good.
Prayer is good.

Take care

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Are they still trying to claim The Corridor of Death????

Everyone knows exactly when and where that idea was ingeniously thought up!!! Hence they also know that it was in the brains of one Z. Holt and one A. Robinson that it was given the massively better name of the Alleyway of Death!!!

cheer up, just look forward, cos nobody can ever see thier back.