Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Could have been worse...

I called Mum this morning to wish her happy birthday. Jordan answered my skype and went and fetched Mum for me. "Happy Birthday!!" silence on the other end... "Mum?" "Yes" "Happy Birthday!!" silence... "Are you drunk?"
And it hit me. Mums birthday would be March 8th. Today would be February 21st. Not her birthday. And then the explanation dawned on me, Mum had left a comment on the blog about her birthday, shortly after this Rob had mentioned that Barbara's birthday was Wednesday, and somehow the two pieces of information had melded together in my mind so much so that I had actually informed Barbara that she shared her birthday with my mother (I must go and un-inform her of this) and written in my PDA* that it was both of their birthdays (that really should have given the game away as it required me to find the date)
My only defence is that I got very little sleep last nite (and it was not my fault) after a very full day. Anyway, like I said, it could have been worse, Dad forgot Mums birthday last year, fortunately he remembered to blog about forgetting it and gave me the heads up to give her a ring and cash in on the free brownie points for remembering (something I have just destroyed as Mum is one of my 3 readers- thats right, numbers are on the up!! -but its a great story so it had to be done)
Mum also mentioned she had some Christmas presents she hadnt sent me. I'll expect them inside 2 weeks thanks.
In other news, I've forgotten what I was going to say there... o rite, I remember!! I am becoming a Solataire Grand Master thanks to my PDA, altho I'm not sure i should be proud of this. Anyhow, Im outta here, see you on the dark side!!
*(Personal Digital Assistant, Mum)


Peter said...

Perhaps more pertinent to your Dad than you Zac, but its well known the best way to remember your wifes birthday.... is to forget it ONCE.

Marcus said...

Nice work Sport, your mother's been sick in bed with a headache for two days!!
I'm sure having you ring her, even three weeks prematurely, was the high point of her day!

heth said...

would just like to inform you that you have more than 3 readers, what sort of friend would I be if I didnt include your page in my half hour procrastination time!besides someone needs to keep an eye on what you're telling everyone back home about us lot here!

Carolyn said...

I'd sack that personal assistant and advertise for a new one, if I were you.

Zaac said...

that personal assistant is a computer and it cost me 80 quid!! but yes am considering sacking it as it wiped itself last nite and lost half of my stuff!!