Friday, January 05, 2007

New Years Resolutions

Some resolutions for the year:
I will finish my assignments

I will read the books I borrow from the church library
I will run one day trip in where I do not need to majorly restructure the timetable on the run, do not lose or damage any of the borrowed resources, we finish on time and we do not upset anyone from the local parish (particularly the vicar)
I will write a proper budget
I will stick to said budget
Said budget will include a savings plan
I will call home once a week
I will stop getting home after everyone else has gone to bed
I will start playing sport again
I will make use of my diary for more than just recording the things I should have done
I will maintain good relationship with the vicar

These were the resolutions I liked from YouthBlog:
I will put aside time to pray for the young people
I will stop eating all the tuck while setting up for youth cafe
I will build in some professional development this year
Time with God will become a priority and a neccessity
I will invest in relationships with parents and members of the congregation
I will make a point of meeting up with a less experienced youth minister
I will make a point of meeting up with a more experienced youth minister

I will not skateboard in Church when anybody else is around

I had best point out at this point that most of these are made in jest, so that when I fail dismally I do not become depressed. It's also 6:30am, and it's a widely known fact that the only way I see a clock at that time of day is if I had no sleep the nite before, so Im not sure if any of the above resolutions even make sense and, truthfully, there's not much point in checking. I'll have a look in a day or three when my brain decides to function again. Until then...

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