Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to the New Year

Im sitting in the office at one minute to ten, almost half awake, and liking that I am the first to arrive for the first day back at work. (Me being the first to arrive for anything doesn't happen v often so it's something to savour when it does) Conversely there is the possibility that everyone else has decided not to start work again today and no one has bothered to tell me, which would be slightly less good than the present situation.
New Years Eve was awesome, definitely beat last years nite out in London. It was followed up yesterday with breakfast at 12 (huge feast of bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, toast and tea) and a movie, 8 Days a Week, which was reasonably entertaining but ended with the whole point being that our purpose on earth is to exist between the moments of joy when we have sex. Not the deepest message ever.
I now have a week (or part of the week anyway) to recover sufficiently to attempt to equal Danbos (Atari Man) feat of four days without sleep next weekend. Starting Friday I will try to go without sleep until Monday nite (will probably settle for mid-afternoon Monday to be honest) Ian was listing the reasons the idea is idiocy last nite but most of them merely encouraged me!!
The era of the dreads is drawing to a close. I finally set a date to cut them off. Saturday 13th January. This decision was confirmed in its wisdom on New Years Eve when Andy half yanked a dread out of my skull during a wrestling match (I say wrestle, it was more a case of Andy plonking his considerable weight on top of my sleeping form and proceeding to beat the stuffing out of it, my nipples are still sore!!)
Thats all for the first post of the New Year thinks I. Some resolutions may follow in the next couple of days drawing on YouthBlog for inspiration. Until then...

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Peter said...

Hi Zac, Happy New Year so the dreds are going... again, don't forget to post photographic proof will you.