Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2 days down, 3 to go

Two days are done for the week and I feel like it should be the weekend again!! Maybe it's just the return to work after the (unexpectedly extended) Christmas break, or maybe... probably... definitely... the last two days have been particularly full on and emotionally draining. A combination of good friends going back to uni, no sleep Saturday nite, missing church (which happened to be most of the uni friends last service for the break) due to no sleep on Saturday nite and then making the mistake of sitting down at about 8am for a moment to be woken 2 hours later by James using his bloody bubble machine that he got for Christmas to blow bubbles in my face so that he could tell me that Ian was there to take me to church... I must have decided at that point that I wasn't going to church, I dont really remember much beyond the bubbles to be honest, and spent the rest of the day feeling crap about the choice and sleeping in and not getting to say goodbye to people. Monday I spent most of the day trying to work out a job description for the next six months with Mim and that seemed to bring up more and more and more issues and things that needed to be worked through than anything else and spent a lot of time working through that emerging from the whole process without a job description and a lot of questions. Last nite was cell group, which lived up to its regular quality, but ended in another drain as we said goodbye to Megs as she heads back to uni. Today I attempted to answer some of the questions from yesterday and am now coming up with two proposals for job descriptions, one to be worked through tomorow morning, the other on Thursday morning. Hopefully by that stage I will be able to crawl up in a little ball and there will be no more questions and emotional drain to prevent me from peaceful, blissful, sleep. Unfortunately Friday is not accounted for in all of this and I have no idea what it may hold.
Home sickness appears to be rearing its head once more to take advantage of my drained state and it's difficult not to feel a bit depressed when you're drained and when it gets dark before you leave work giving the impression of a constant, oppressive, wet, nite time. Tis ok, just need to hold on, if I make it to the weekend it will all be good, just gotta get through this week.

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