Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Look

I cut the dreads off yesterday after a year and a half of the rasta look. James did the honours, and I have to say its miraculously come out really good. Miraculous because literally all thats been done is James hacked them off and then Polly combed out the knots and wax and then I washed it!! By rights it should look rubbish, but somehow I'm pulling it off. There's some debate about whether I look older or younger or both at the same time. Heath is saying older, I am saying younger (coz I have a photo of me at 16 that looks almost the same) and Ian says I look like an Oxford uni student in my Oxford t-shirt, which I'm taking as a definite compliment. On the other hand, Lucy has managed to destroy me in two sentences better than anyone else on the face of the planet has in the last 19 years!! The two direct quotes over dinner last nite were "you know, it makes you look more feminine" followed up with "but in a really good way, you look pretty" Now, as a bloke, that's fairly crushing, and by fairly I mean totally and utterly.

Yeah... I did the vain thing of taking a million photos of myself trying to see if I liked it and get a good shot out of my annoyingly un-photogenic face =]


Peter said...

I think you can totally disregard the "you look feminine an pretty" comments Zac, but perhaps more shattering... You look more normal, and from a grand-fatherly point of view, a whole lot better.

Joshy said...

Looks good zac

Jo said...

ok jokes over.. put em back on.

Jo said...

I just worked out who u look like now. Michael Parker the canadian.

Merle said...

Hi Zac ~~ Much better look !! And
cleaner, I should imagine. Welcome
back to normality. Merle.

Jacqui said...

Hi Zac,
I haven't had time to read any blogs lately, so imagine my surprise when I opened yours to find, my very good looking grandson with his beautiful curls back. I guess it's the generation thing, us oldies have trouble with some of the "fads".
I had to comment, before I even read any of your other blogs.
love nan

The Duck said...

apart from being totally disgusted with you for removing your awsome dreads, the pic of you with the koala thing makes you look the same as in some shots of you when i was one or two, with a fair bit of facial hair, and the last one makes you look like red's kid off that 70's show . . . with facial hair

brother jordan

Marcus said...

I hadn't noticed the nostril hair dreads before, ugly but impressive.
Reminds me of Auntie Terry telling us about a guy she saw in Fremantle once who had really long hairs growing from a mole on his face which had a bead hanging on the bottom of them!!!

Good luck with the igloo.