Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First Snow

I woke this morning to find the farm at Lacey Green blanketed in snow. Not having seen snow before this was a cause for excitement and I ran outside for a quick snowball war with the side of the house and the car (no one else was around to play... I won tho!!) Turns out half the country saw snow last nite but Lacey Green got the best fall of the towns I saw today. Now the reason I was in Lacey Green rather than the Manor in Haddenham is that I'm filling in here and there as a nanny for the Bish'es boss while he's away snow boarding (for three months, the lucky bugger) and stayed over last nite in my "little" house, which shall have to be named shortly (and is actually about twice the size of Dan and Danni's house) after looking after the kids. As a bonus of this job, Andys "ship" Tulula's Revenge sails under my flag for the next few weeks.
Am hoping it will snow again tomorow and I can make an igloo, didn't have time for a proper play this morning and I will definitely go for a snow fight even if I have to sneak into one of the local schools to start it!!

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Jacqui said...

Hi Zac, make a snow angel for me, as I didn't get a chance while I was away. love nan