Friday, January 19, 2007


I've recently begun to make use of a great resource called Wikidpedia, an incredible online encyclopedia. But when I went to log in today I couldn't get online and so pressed "reset my password" and went to check my email for the new one. I had no new emails and couldn't work out what was going on for a minute until I had a brainwave. Going back to Wikidpedia I tried a different username and got straight on. Meaning I just reset someone elses password!! Whoever the poor guy is will have a moment or two of confusion next time he goes to log in.
Busy week this one in the Posse House. And yet little of it is worth posting on the net. The most noteworthy event was watching Children of Men last nite. It has Clive Owen in it (always a good start) and Michael Caine (getting better all the time) and is set some 25 years in the future where the human race is facing extinction because there are no more children being born, the youngest person in the world being 18 years old. The film manages to be incredibly realistic in its style and characters while telling an incredible story that would seem impossible, man on the edge of extinction within a generation. One interesting aspect is that the larger details of the story are never more than vaguely explained, you have to gather a lot as you go along and guess at a lot more, filling in the gaps as you go. Maybe I was just in tune last nite but this seemed easy and made the movie if anything more enjoyable as I grappled with the plot to understand what was happening. I liked it anyway.

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