Saturday, October 14, 2006


I'm beging work on this post before the fact because I know two things: 1, if i wait till i get back tonight it will be very late and i will be very tired and 2, i know i will stay up too late blogging at that point and be shattered the next day.

Vertigo is a Christian Youth Event run about once a term by a whole load of youth workers from Oxfordshire. Tonite will be my first time but from everything I have heard back about ones in the past its a fantastic nite and I should love it. I'll edit the post later tonite and let you know if the prediction was accurate.

And we're back from Vertigo a little later than expected. Contrary to what I had thought, Vertigo ran till 9:30 and then was open as a cafe/hang out till 10:30. So we legged it at 10 hoping to get an early bus back home only to find that the next bus was at 11!! Not happy Jan!! As the bus takes an hour to get from Oxford to Haddenham it was 12 when I got home and consequently, I am, as predicted, shattered.

Vertigo itself was great. The fire alarm went off twice in the first half hour (could have had something to do with the smoke machines that were responsible for the smog-like haze that filled the building) and everyone ignored this except for me, who rounded up my young people and headed for the door (how goods my health and safety??!!) followed not long after by the rest of the building. They had a cool guy who lead worship and then a couple did a talk about prayer and then there was a time to try out some fun creative prayer ideas around the hall. It was pretty good all in all. One of the MCs made some jokes that were actually quite funny but for some reason didnt quite come off (tough crowd maybe??) The highlight of the nite for me was a young guy from the CU I lead in the high school came and hung out with me all nite, chatting and sat with me even when the rest of his youth group were doing other stuff.

Anyways, Im gonna chip to bed coz I have some vague idea about going to church in the morning [OH!! forgot one of the best things from Vertigo: they had comfy chairs!! All too often you end up with really uncomfortable chairs at Church events (ie. PEWS!!) but these guys has really cool chairs that leant back slightly, were just that extra bit bigger (always good to have some more room) and were nice and soft, I was VERY impressed with that I have to say] but all that may change when we actually get to the morning and I realise exactly how much effort and sleep thats going to cost me... till next time!!

Im reading a series by Phillip Pullman at the moment. He's the author of the His Dark Materials series that some may know of. I loved the dark materials series and have been getting really into this series (which doesnt seem to have a name) about the adventures of some folk in London back in the era Disraeli was prime minister (think thats 1800's or something) its keeping me hooked. Pullman has some interesting takes on a lot of things that I quite enjoy and while the stories would seem to b a aimed at children there's a lot in there that would go over the top of a young persons head but smack and adult square in the face.

Anyhow, Im gonna chip. See you on the dark side.


Marcus said...

G'day Zac

Geelong play Port Adelaide in London next Saturday afternoon at 1.30.
I think they play at The Oval, which from memory is accessible on the tube, Kennington I think, on the Victoria line maybe?
I'll suss out more details from the AFL site.

Do your best to get down there and be an Aussie/Cats fan for the day. Maybe you could get in touch with Ryan and see if he wants to go?

Hope Vertigo was as good as you hoped.

The Heir said...

ahhhh!! no!! why next saturday?!?! im in foundations all week and then the festival is on the saturday, damn thats bad timing... ill see what i can do but more than likely ill have to go to the festival, thats rubbish.