Monday, October 16, 2006


Second day of Foundations is just about over and Im really enjoying the course. Funny that I just dont get sick of it, I think this is my sixth time doing the weeklong course or something like that and Im sure Ill do it many more times. If you click the link there will be some sort of description of Foundations but Ill throw in my own version. Foundations is a three stream discipleship course that looks at theology (living with God) sociology (living with other people) and psychology (living with yourself) and i use discipleship in the sense that it aims to show people the character of a disciple (of Jesus) and at the same time equip them with the skills to intergrate those characteristics into their own lives. And the reason I can do the course over and over again is that eveytime I learn something new, each time there is more to unpack of the material and more ways to learn and grow and challenge the way I think and act. The big thing standing out to me this time round is belief and its tie up with faith. How we need belief in ourselves but also others to believe in us (because we work out who we are by what is reflected back to us by others) and then we need something to believe in, purpose, faith, in this case; God. Who in turn believes in us and sees our potential and what we can become, not simply what we are at the present moment.

It only being one day in Im sure there will be more insights that come through the week and Im looking forward to it. (Altho I am definitely missing the comfy chairs from Vertigo, I should have nicked one to take with me to every christian event I attend that requires me to sit on a chair what hurts!!)

Mum, Mr Fearkess says hi and wants to know what youre up to these days. Dad, I dont have any messages for you... sorry. Peace out!! (Or Shalom even)


2Peter said...

...because we work out who we are by what is reflected back to us by others...

One of the reasons I love photography is because what I see (in people and places) can also be a reflection of God.

You have to look for a long time with some people, with others He can jump across a crowded room in a glance, but either way, He's always there.

Photography for me is about capturing reflections of God in a particular moment. I love it when it works!!

Carolyn said...

Hey Zach. Just wanted to let you know that it's Jord's birthday tomorrow, Thurs 19th Oct. I will send Mr Fearless an email to answer his question, if I can find someone here to show me how (again!). Still struggling to master the art of computer technology, and they tell me it gets a lot more complicated than sending an email!