Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still Alive

Had a close call today. Atari Man was driving us both to a Youth Network day over in some place that I forget (thats really bad as it was like 3 hrs ago but hey, was a cool Christian Youth Resdiential place that deserves a plug, check out Youth Blog and Im sure they'll get a mention as Ian was running the show today) ANYway, so it's absolutely tipping it down on the motorway and we're running ;ate so Atari Man was driving like he's in the Nascar on Sega3000 or something (harsh but fair) and Im torn between closing my eyes and praying fervently for our souls (coz at this point its not a matter of the chance of death, it's more a matter of how long till we die... Here's where Atari Man makes the save of the Century and wins the Nascar all in the one smooth move: for no apparent reason (Im calling it "prophetic driving" with all seriousness) he changes from his prime position in the outside lane into the centre of the motorway, perhaps to flaunt his blatant superiority over the other racers in the game who are perhaps more sensibly just focussing on keeping their cars on the road, (just used perhaps twice in the one sentence but o well) and ten seconds later we pass a car that has crashed into the barrier in the middle of the motorway and is blocking off the lane that we had just vacated. Death narrowly avoided. Silence fell in the Surge for several moments. Breaking the silence I compliment Atari Man on his prophetic driving and suggest that now we are winning we let the other cars catch up to make the race more interesting.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully (in comparison) and dinner 2nite saw Alice lash James with another brilliant serve from her silver tongue. I really enjoy Alices tongue lashings when they're directed at someone else. So far her two best lines have been "but you know all about bashing your head on gravel tho, don't you Mark? -turns to me- only, were you drunk?" and then 2nites effort "zac's my favorite adopted brother... sorry james" [that one needs explaining, James' older brothers used to tell him he was adopted, when he went to his parents to check his dad said "now james, if we were going to adopt someone, do you really think we'd have picked you?" so there is an ongoing joke that james is adopted, poor boy will be scarred for life im sure]

Foundations is next week so there may not be much happening on the blogging front unless the place should happen to have wi-fi, which is possible but not likely. Will try and post some more before then, tide you over the withdrawal period...

see you on the dark side


Sarah Brush said...

So glad to hear you _DID_ manage to join us. I hadn't realised just how blessed we were that you got there in a non-squished state!

Marcus said...

Zac, it may be a good idea to ask your mother to leave the room when you are going to post a near death experience story on the blog, she doesn't cope that well with fear and stress.
Also suggest you look into writing a will, especially if you're serious about getting a motor-bike license. Did I tell you that there were 4 MB riders killed in the one weekend in WA a couple of weeks ago?


The Heir said...

yeah, i figue near death is ok, i promise i wont post anything about it if i actually die.
WV fatiqlc

Youthblog said...


I'm glad that you and atari man made it to the Contemplative day, I hope the prophetic driving also took into Prophetic petrol station finding as I understand that the car was running on fumes by the time you arrived!

btw how did the Prophetc Nascar pilot earn the tag, Atari Man?