Thursday, October 05, 2006

I won't need to eat for the next week

Sunday lunch was this massive roast at Ians place, beef, potatoes, yorkshire puddings, parsnip, carrots... mmmmm was beautiful but I ate enough to keep me going for the whole weekend. Then sunday nite a mate bought me dinner from the chippy and that was huge as well so I shared it/gave most of it to Pete who could eat 3 horses and a turkey for breakfast and still be hungry (seriously, two hours later we were in Maidenhead getting nacho's coz he was hungry again)
I had meant to post on thursday (coz thats the best day of the week) but i got half way thru my post and the internet cut out and i managed to lose my piece of literary genius frustratingly to my own stupidity (i had been in the process of trying to save it from the farthest reaches of cyberspace when i forgot that i had copied it and proceeded to copy something else over the top of it!!) I attempted repication of said genius but gave up as it was never going to be the same...
Thursday I spent in Oxford, always love the chance to spend some time there. Highlights were wandering into an HMV store (thats a music and video store for those in Oz or otherwise youth culturally impaired) and staying there for an hour listening to the kooks new cd Inside In/Inside Out waiting for Naive to come on which is near the end of the cd (click here to listen to naive on the Kooks My Space page) I also visited St Andrews Christian Bookshop and found a copy of the Screwtape Letters published in 1946 (proper old school!!) And I also had a doughnut and a coffee with Ian from YouthBlog in the coolest Krispy Kremes building I've ever seen, they converted Oxford Castle into a really cool complex, will have to get some photos next time Im there.
Sunday saw the roast dinner and other feasting that I already mentioned. Back to work today and Dan and Danni are finally back from Oz, they brought the kids in so i spent a good half of the day babysitting but it was good fun. Gotta run for Cell Group now...
See you on the Dark Side


Anonymous said...

Hi Zac, it's sad when cyberspace comes to visit with an appetite for genius writing!!!
No, that definitly isn't uncle Niel on my avatar!

Carolyn said...

Hi. I think Amy and Scot Robbinson are in England at the moment. Do you have either of their numbers? Bruce and Jaqui are overseas somewhere too.

M.E Ellis said...

My cousin worked on Oxford Castle at the beginning of this year. He said it was getting a revamp. Have yet to go. It's weird, I live right by Oxford but never go. Being close to it for 20 years, lived there once, it isn't appealing to me anymore.

Oxford City holds bad memories for me. I got caught stealing jewellery in John Lewis, that is now Primark, when I was 13.