Wednesday, October 04, 2006

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

Is a very cool song by Coldplay. I had a smile on my face quite a few times in the last day (and by day I mean 24hrs coz Im including something from last nite) Lets start with last nite.

Walking through Wheatley to catch the bus I walked past a corner and as I took my next couple of steps the dreads buzzed (a bit like spider mans spidey sense my dread locks tingle when Im in danger or there's free food or if a pretty girl is close by) looking back over my shoulder I see a man leaning against the wall with his arms folded, head down but his eyes looking up at me. There's a slight grin on his face. He's wearing a police uniform and has another officer a few metres away. I grin as I realise one or more of the drunken rabble up the street are probably going to have a similar experience in a rather less amusing way some time in the next couple of hours. "G'day" I say and give the lads a wink as I keep walking. I think the copper was getting a bit of amusement out of the situation as well as his grin got bigger as he gave me the nod.

The second smile was this morning before I had even woken up. I had a dream where I was at school (i know this sounds like a nightmare as opposed to a dream but trust me on this one) only me school was on a beach and there was a whale 10metres out to sea. So I went swimming with the whale. How cool is that?!?!

Third smile was for Cris who passed his driving test this morning. He's been hanging out to drive forever basically, I can empathise coz I was pretty similar when it came to driving, so it was very cool when he rocked up to give me a lift into to town this morning.

Fourth smile was in Aylesbury. Went to the physio and despite my best efforts to destory my body he says my knee is fine and to keep doing my exercises and it will hopefully prevent it from popping out again.

Fifth smile. I bought an old school england football top a few months back during the world cup and really liked it but managed to shrink it in the drier after the first time I washed it and ended up giving it to James (it fit him perfectly). But today in sports world I found the same top for half the price of what I paid the first time round!! Too nice!!

Sixth smile. I got my picture messages to work on my fone!! It's been annoying me coz someone tried to send me one and the icon has just sat there on my fone reminding me that i cant see the stinking picture for three days.

Seventh smile. Was the fun I had beating up James after he picked on his sister. Unfortunately his mother didnt realise that was the reason for the beating... Alice did back up my story tho.

And the last smile was for the moral of the story on Gazza's blog. You'll have to scroll down to September 11 to read the story, it's under the Karate Kid. Well worth a read.

And thats me for today. See you on the dark side.


Carolyn said...

We've been having fun talking about how we'll configure sleeping spaces and where you might get a job when you get back. All really looking forward to you coming home!

Marcus said...

The shed in the backyard is not very big, has no light or power but there's plenty of stuff in there for insulation and padding. After winter in England you should be acclimatized to the conditions and after being with Fusion you're accustomed to roughing it, living on a subsistence income etc so it should suit you fine!

Nice to read about your various smile prompting experiences.

Marcus said...

Gary is to me as Joshua Joannes is to you, ie. children of parents who were very close friends and the kids called them Uncle and Aunt.
Gary's Dad Allan was one of my Dad's best mates ever since they were kids. Sadly he died last year.
Gary and I used to hang out when I was living/travelling through Melbourne.

WV eltks