Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sooo Cold

Englands summer is gone. Bye bye. Finito. Gone.
And now it's FREEZING. Ridiculously cold. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Nice and toasty in there and could feel the ice in the air outside of the doona... not good.
Englands summer is awesome but the winter (which lasts 9 months of the year) is pretty horrible. I had to go home from work today to get a jumper and a pair of socks, i still refuse to wear shoes so im looking v cool in my socks and thongs at the moment.
The upside is that there are a lot of group hugs in an effort to stay warm, i rekon we were huddled outside church on sunday nite for a good half hour chatting and freezing, it was fun.
Anyway, gotta shoot to youth cafe and then tidy Dan and Danni's House before they get back from Oz. Ciao Bambino's!!

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Marcus said...

Has your recent discussion with your mother about returning to Australia/Busselton got anything to do with this change in the weather?

Socks and thongs is never a good look, it should be banned under international law, along with safari suits and pyjamas at airports. Come to think of it Zac, you have shown yourself on a consistent basis to be a man with apalling taste and dress sense, it's all crystalizing for me!

I hope Dan and Dani don't return for another week to give you sufficient time to clean up.

Sorry I missed your call. I'm out in the cab tomorrow morning our time, Home in the afternoon.