Sunday, August 13, 2006

Homeless... again

So I've moved out again. This time I'm staying with some friends for the lengthy period of a nite before heading off to Soul Survivor 2moro morning. I spent a week and a half at the potters house (following through on my principle of naming everything from lap tops to houses. Also- chose the name coz Colin does some really cool pottery and has nothing to do with the church affiliated with that name) where Colin played host to me for one of my brief but frequent periods of homelessness. Now I really need to name the place I'm staying at now but I'll come back to that, the house boasts a very cool family who have taken me in on a few of my homeless stints, an inside pool, a sauna (unfortunately not in operation at the minute), a spa bath, a newly remodelled kitchen with a redfire oven which, along with the aga oven is the coolest type I have ever seen, as well as a proper big trampoline in the back yard (one of the massive circle ones)
Due to Englands "summer" (am yet to find an approriate term for their version of this season) and its inconsistency; our water fight, which had been in the works for the last 3 weeks was decided against in favour of Lucy's inside pool and beating the stuffing out of each other with these foam tubes which make a wikid loud noise but don't actually hurt unless you get someone in the face, eyes or balls. I inflicted all three on Jamie who could only cower as I beat him into submission... I did feel bad about the crotch shot tho, it was accidental but thats just not nice.
Then stayed up talking to Lucy and now watching Narnia... Ahhhh, got it!! Was trying to remember something important to blog. Went to bed at 4am last nite after spending most of it in Heathers games room with Andy and Lucy and Heather talking and playing snooker, was awesome. Then I got up this morning to teach Sunday school, which was a little less awesome after not enough sleep, still fun but that kind of "oh my word I need sleep so bad right now, ok!! who wants to play Sleeping Lions?" kind of way. I did actually play sleeping Lions with them but Jonathon decided to be a not sleeping Lion for the rest of the morning, that was "fun".
And just before I go to sleep 2 people have both asked for and earned a mention on the blog. First of all my little brother Jordy (whose blog is linked in the side bar but has been untouched for some time now) has made me laugh several times this week with his antics and lawyer jokes. Best lawyer joke: You are stuck in a room with a tiger, a rattlesnake and a lawyer, you have a gun with 2 bullets. What do you shoot? The lawyer. Twice.
He also has a very entertaining story about him managing to put a post it note on a teachers bum at school and not get in trouble which he should post on his own blog coz I can't remember it and can't be bothered making it up to fill in the gaps. It was very funny tho. You're missing out not hearing it...
The other mention goes to Jo, the Darling, who has just moved into Launie for a while and is planning plenty of fun to keep me amused on my next visit to Oz. I think she just wanted a mention for an ego boost really...
O, one last thing before I go to sleep. Wanted to mention how awesome my friends are and how much I love them. Have had an awesome last couple of days and just felt really supported with the whole going to Greece thing and am really looking forward to some good chill time with them on Soul Survivor.
Ciao babino!!


Marcus said...

Hi Zac

Got some good news on the Greece front, let me know via email what your shortfall is. Hope the de-dreading goes well.

2Peter said...

Probably a strange thing for a almost complete stranger to say (but then again, I am in Tassie!): it's great you have good friends and appreciate them so much, you'd mention it on your blog. Good stuff!

2Peter said...

I don't have a blogger account to put comments on your photo blog:


I know that place! (re: the first photo, or last depending on how you look at it) Nice pics Zac, love the one of guy in the train, quite surreal.

Jo said...

Ta for the mention as pitiful as it was!
I think u underestimate the adventures to be had when u return!

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ sleeping lions!

Poor you!