Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Posse House

The Posse House

in airport out of time... greece real close!!!


Ludicrousity said...

Have fun in Greece this year!

Does Timbo have a blog?

Marcus said...

When I worked in London an old bloke in the company died suddenly on the weekend.
A few days later a woman came round the offices taking up a collection to buy flowers.She said, "They're burying Tim in Greece on Saturday."
I replied , "Surely it would be better to bury him in a coffin."

Obviously this was funnier heard than read but I always think of it whenevr I think of Greece.

Have a great time Zac, Looking forward to hearing and seeing some Greek stories on your blog.

Love Dad

M.E Ellis said...

Have fun!

'See' you when you get back!