Tuesday, August 08, 2006


OK. So I am going to Greece next Saturday. The people I work for (top secret stuff, can't say much but let's call them ConFusion) are running a Mission Trip over there. We'll be doing some festivals in Thesoloniki, Athens, Corinth, Albania and then checking out some of the places Paul (bloke from the bible, played some kind of role in planting the early church) went on his missionary trips. Should be an amazing experience. In actual fact I didn't think I was going to go until Tuesday, crazy change of plans and then BAM!! Next thing I know I booked a flight to Greece. Am still scraping together a lot (read: ALL) of the money for the trip from various sources, I'm doing a fairly brisk busking trade in Oxford at the minute and am even going to cut the Dreads to raise some money!! (I think I have a chance of getting some money off my Grandfather for that one)
Much as I want to leave my hair for another year or so the aim of the game is Greece and the dreads are a brilliant fund raiser. I will be cutting them at Soul Survivor (kinda like Planet Shakers if you're in Oz) and have a mate who is absolutely nuts helping me out. (He seriously reckons we can raise a couple of grand for this... I'm not so sure but we'll see)
So thats whats happening in the Posse House for the next 3 weeks. I'm afraid to say that from Sunday posts will be rare at best, you may get one on Friday but after that there will most likely be a good 2 week break in there.
Will keep you posted til then.


Marcus said...

Think you may have over-estimated the price of the Dreadies there Zac but hopefully it will get you over the line.
Suggest you hold out a bit, don't cut them off on the first day. Maybe do some flyers to give out: "Dreadlocks to be sacrificed for sake of Greek Mission" or something similar, you'll need to create a bit of interest.

Having blogged all the way across the desert I don't think a trip to Greece should stop you, there'll be a net cafe somewhere for a quick update here and there.

wazza said...

Gidday Zac, Waal you sure are getting around and good luck to you. Yeah I also love "A Knight's Tale". It's also got some great music in it. I haven't seen "The Inside Man" yet. I missed it at the cinema and it's just come out on DVD so will check it out. It's also got one of my favourite actress in it....Jodie Foster altho' I understand she only had a small role. You who like pirate movies have you ever seen "Cutthroat Island? It was made by Renny Harlin (who did Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger). The main pirate role was by Geena Davis and also starred Matthew Modine. It got mauled by the critics, but I loved it. Check it out on DVD and tell me what you think of it.

Peter said...

Hi Zac, hope you enjoy Greece and your head doesn't get cold without its layer of dreds.
Have a good time and take lots of photos for us to have a look at.

The Heir said...

cheers grampa. ill try my best. the plan is to talk up the hair all week and then cut it on thursday dad, try and get people behind it. Paddy, one of my mates, know the guy in charge of SS so he's gonna try and get it announced on main stage. probly have over estimated the price but cant hurt to aim high, theres 20000 people there.
will take lots of photos.

2Peter said...

Ah! Greece! One of my favorite places in the whole world. Will you get to the islands? I reckon they're the best bit. I'm sure Paul spent some time out there. :-)

My niece is on Santorini as we speak. Very crowded at the moment apparently, but she's having a great time regardless.

If you use a bus timetable while you're there, take the times mentioned, subtract 30, multiply by 10, add your Mothers age (21?) and the resulting figure will be just as accurate as the original from the timetable!