Monday, August 07, 2006

Back to Work

Back to work again today, woke up very tired still from the weekend, a few more early nites may be needed to recover fully. Spent yesterday at the Cotswolds water park, was great, swimming, beach volleyball, tree climbing, frisbee and wrestling... great day.
Went into Aylesbury to try and get a bank account today, Danbo's pessimism it would appear is well founded when it comes to English banks. They want a letter from the doctors because they need something official confirming my address (don't worry about my NHS card which I got from the doctors, you need more proof). It's not that annoying except that it's a pain to go into Aylesbury repetitively and there's not much that's actually fun to do there, and by not much, I mean nothing. Or so I thought until Mim and I were on our way back to the car. A really tank bloke came jogging round the corner, which I didn't think much of until just after he'd passed us and a female police officer came jogging around the corner after him. Mim and I cracked up as we realised what was happening, it may not sound like a funny moment but if you'd been there you'd understand, and we turned to watch as a male officer came tearing around the corner from the other direction and the big bloke jumped a wall just getting away (although the male cop got his shirt) and cut back the other direction with both cops in pursuit. The bloke then ran down an alley which seemed like a dead end until he made an impressive jump and hauled himself up onto a roof and made a dash for the other side. The male cop hurled his batton after him but missed fortunately. I say fortunately because the throw could well have done some serious damage if it had of connected. Our fun done, Mim and I continued to the car with a discussion topic that lasted most of the way home.
I watched 2 movies on the weekend that I'm happy to recomend: A Knights Tale and The Inside Man. One is a great medieval comedy/drama/action which most should enjoy. The other is about a bank job that is also very well done but has the odd bit of strong language so if that kind of thing outs you off steer clear.
O, and the Photo site is up and running at last!! I started work on it on Friday nite and have only just got it going with all the basics. Try the link in the sidebar.


Carolyn said...

I could only find one photo,"Evening in Hobart". Is that it?

Carolyn said...

Zac, you said to Marcus you needed clarity about Greece. Have you tried asking God specifically for clarity,then give yourself a bit of time and go with your instinct. Been reading about the inward witness of the Spirit and our strongest impressions usually being right. Rings true for me.Love Mum.

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