Saturday, July 08, 2006

proof for the doubting thomas

This is the place we stayed at in Lavin, Phil happened to be walking towards me as I took the photo, I didn't even realise I'd got him in it till later on. Posted by Picasa


Merle said...

Hello Zac ~~ Thanks for your comments.
Glad you enjoyed the Quiz and the Habits
verse. Take care, Merle.

Marcus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marcus said...

Which one are you trying to pass off as Phil Keaggy? Surely not the old Swiss bloke with the white beard?

The Heir said...

mum, your comments have a way of confusing me.
dad, did you delete one of your comments? coz i didnt.
thanks aunty merle :D

Marcus said...

Yes I did.

Blogger confuses people by saying a comment has been deleted by the author which implies the blogger ie. you rather than by the commenter ie. me!

Mum said...

If I'm confusing you it's because of my superior, if somewhat obscure, intelligence.