Sunday, July 09, 2006

Phil Keaggy... look dad; thats a guitar in his hands

If you need any more proof, dad, he's missing his right middle finger which you can see if you zoom in cose on the other photo. I feel I've defended my integrity well enough at this point and any futher doubts will be ignored until the day that I crush them with damning evidence when I recieve my copy of the Swiss Tour DVD in about a month. Posted by Picasa


Marcus said...

That's brilliant Zac, tell me he's got a finger missing on his right hand then post a picture only showing his left hand!!!

I am yet to be crushed!

WV: mpfybve
M issing
P hil's
F inger
Y ou
B etter
V erify
E vidence

Marcus said...

PS. You can't zoom in on the picture, you can look at it separately but not xoom.

Are you going to be in this supposed Swiss Tour DVD?

Your defence resembles Swiss cheese at present, ie. full of holes!

M.E Ellis said...

Is that Oxfordshire UK?

Me too!


M.E Ellis said...

By the way, your profile will be at the bottom because at some point you'd have put a pic on your blog that is too wide. Happens on mine. Find the pic, remove it and all will be well.


The Heir said...

i take it ur using a pc? laptops seem to correct the problem automatically so i never notice. just thought it happened with pc's for some reason. thanks for the tip tho :D