Saturday, July 08, 2006

taking note of the 7th...

Yesterday was the 7th of the 7th. The date of the terrorist attacks on London a year ago.
It is also my bosses aniversary. He and his wife had planned to go into London to celebrate for the evening but had changed there plans to take some friends to the airport. Blessing in disguise.
It was also the day after I accepted the offer to come and work in the UK. This didn't phase me heaps but it was interesting timing.
The guy I live with is one of the rail directors of a company. Talking last nite I found out he was called in to set up an emergency station and get people out of the city on busses when the attacks happened. So many people were affected by this to the point where I'm sure I could find others in my networks who were involved in the response or affected by the attacks themselves.

Yesterday there was a memorial service in London for the victims.
A message from London for those that would wage Jihad with terrorism.
Let us hope there is no more dates for us to add to our callendars anytime soon...

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Merle said...

Hi Zac ~~ Good post about the dreadful day last year in London. The sculpture
is interesting. Is it a man with dolphins? You are doing well with your posts now. Always good reading.
Take care, Merle.